Monday, November 16, 2015

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We did an object lesson for Charlotte about baptism this week and i
tried it out on sister Redford:) this was the outcome
hey everyone!,

let me tell you, the mission is the best, the learning experience can be hard but they are life changing, and are the best! and my companion is the best!:)haha

so this week charlotte was supposed to have elder swank come and do the stop smoking program with her on Wednesday and it was going to be right after zone conference, but then she had to cancel because she had to take her boyfriend to the hospital. speaking of zone conference It was amazing! they went back to the basics of missionary work and had us role play a lot. then at the end president drake, had all of the departing missionaries that are leaving this transfer and next transfer get up and bare their testimonies. I just started crying when he called my name to go up. it was like reality just hit me. I got up and just started crying. i never thought that i would have to go up and give my departing testimony, i don't want to go home! the mission is my life and i love it more than anything! but this is the time for me to give my all! to lay it all on the line. after zone conference was over one of the assisants came up to me and said the nicest thing. he said "out of everyones testimonies yours was my favorite because i felt it in your heart, i can just tell that you were the 4th missionary" literally that is one of the nicest complements i have ever gotten. hahaha anyways

charlotte is doing so good though. we taught her the law of chasity, which went pretty well, now we just got to get her boyfriend on board with getting married, and elder swank is coming tomorrow to do the stop smoking with charlotte. and this week is new missionary training for sister redford, and im excited because I always love going and learning on what to improve on. and sister redford and I are really excited about this week because we feel like we are going to make some miracles happen with heavenly fathers help!:)

but I would just like to bare my testimony on this gospel. this gospel is everything to me. to know that we can repent each day, and to strengthen our faith by reading praying and being obedient is just amazing to me. I love knowing that heavenly father is always there for me no matter how bad I mess up and it just blows my mind that he would do something like that for a person like me. I know with every fiber in my being that joseph smith was and is a prophet of god, that through him we have this restored gospel, and what a blessing it is for us to be apart of it! I love our prophet Thomas S. Monson, he is truly called by god to share of gods love and guidance for us. we need to be heeding his council daily! I know that the book of Mormon is from god to use. I have seen how it has answered so many of my questions and concerns and I know that it is for us in these last days. I am grateful for the priesthood, because without it we would never be able to return to live with our heavenly father again. this gospel is a gospel of peace and comfort. it is a place of refugee and safety! and all we have to do is be obedient to these things that heavenly father has given us and safety, peace, happiness, hope, guidance, and understanding will come into our lives. this gospel is a gospel of miracles, and freedom. of change, and of a better life!. or heavenly father loves us so much that he sent his son and because of jesus Christ literally ALL things are possible. without jesus Christ we would be nothing. and I totally believe that. I love you and I love this gospel with every fiber of my being. thank you for everything! yall are the best!

love, sister turpin

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