Monday, November 30, 2015


hello everyone!!:)

this week was awesome! not a lot of time to work but we got a lot of work done with the time that we did have. sister redford and I are starting to teach this kid named josh. he used to live in Alaska where one of my companions sister Burgoyne lives and he has been down in texas for about a month now. he just turned 19 years old and has a date of  jan. 2nd. my hopes is that he will get baptized and then go on a mission and be like this elder here named elder bond!! elder bond is a convert and was only a convert of about a year and then he came on his mission and he came out with me. anyways josh is was awesome and is progressing so well!!! then Diana barnes who is married to a member is progressing just as well:) she is totally going to get baptized!!:) marissa who is 16 is doing good as well:) everything is just starting to move forward and I am so grateful that I get to be apart of heavenly fathers amazing work:)

this week for thanksgiving sister redford and I ate at 3 members houses!! we were stuffed and I think I probably gained 5 pounds that day!! hahaah we then did service by helping cook thanksgiving food for Diana since she just got out of the hospital and then did a little planning since Thursday is our planning day. then later on that night sister redford wasn't feeling good and so she threw up and the next day we had to go on exchanges with a group of sisters and I felt so bad!!:(

sister redford and I are teaching this less active named terry and terry has 2 pet raccoons so I got to hold them this week!!! hahaha the coolest thing ever!! actually I think it tried to attack me!! hahaah

then sunday I got to give a talk on missionary work. and it actually turned out better then I thought! I think people got the point that this work isn't about us, and that this is Christ church.... hopefully! a lot of people came up to me afterwards and thanked me for my words!! I guess prayers do come true because I was praying that the holy ghost would work through me:) its amazing to be apart of gods work!! I love it! but with that I have to go!!! but I love you all!! keep working on doing missionary work!! it can always be done! I love you!!

love, sister turpin

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