Monday, August 25, 2014

first baptism!

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this is cindy makaeyla and josh at their baptism, hopefully the other two kids will be getting baptized soon!!

hey ya'll !! (no worries i haven't started saying yall or all yall yet but i probably will sooner or later)

well a lot of things happened this week. so many things that i cant even remember them all but my week started out with splits... i had to lead out the area and my companion for the next day was this sister names sister Enright. it wasnt as bad as i thought it was going to be and i learned alot of things from the whole thing one of them being that when you are on exchanges you stay up all night long learning about the other person..... it was awful, ok i will just tell you the story. so we are in bed and sister enright is just talking away asking me all of these questions and once she was done it was 11pm so i say very nicely, "well i would ask about your family but i'll just ask you in the morning because i want to sleep..." wrong answer!!! hahah she says " SISTER TURPIN DONT YOU KNOW!? when you are on exchanges you stay up all night long so that you can get to know your companion!!" well need less to say we stayed up until midnight and then i told her i was going to bed!! hahah 

then thursday i was asking for referrals from cindys kids just like i always do and they always say they dont know anyone so finally i ask " do you know why we always ask you for people who would be willing to hear a message from us?" and makaeyla says " no" i say "well do you believe what we have taught you is true?" she says " yes" and i said " well dont you want other people to know the truth then" right after i said that everyone started telling us people we could go try and we got 6 referrals from them that day, it was awesome!! 

staurday was a long spiritual day...:) elder cook came and spoke to all of us missonaries in the texas houston east mission, he based his talk on love and how we need to show our love to everyone, he said there are 4 loves. 
1. love your companion
2. love the people
3. love your mission president
4. love the lord
it was amazing, we all got to go shake his and his wife's hand and another guy from the quorm of the 70 and the spirit in that room was so strong! man i wish i had more time to go into everything he said but i dont! 

anyways then it was cindy, makaeyla, and josh's baptism!!! sister McPerson and I sang a song which was awful... thats all in going to say about that and then we had the baptism, cindy and makaeyla were crying the whole time while josh was being josh. after the baptism cindy asked us if we herd someone bang on the glass, we said no and she said, that is so weird because i heard this bang noise and then all of a sudden i was in the jordan river being baptized by jesus christ and then wheni came out of the water i was back in the baptismal font! like what!!!?? how crazy is that!? i then told her that, that was something special from god and it shows that he loves her and is showing her that she did the right then:)

oh also i guess sister McPerson and i have made a new record for baptisms in a week for our area, but we are determind that we are going to beat that goal and get it higher. i love this gospel and i love seeing the miracle and blessing everyday from the people that we teach, tonight we are going to do a fhe at the misbachs with cindys family so wish us good luck!!

love, sister turpin

Monday, August 18, 2014

10 days to baptism

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this is sister McPerson and her two daughters from zone conference, (me, sister McPerson, and sister Matrin)

hello everyone!!,

    Well last week was a crazy week!! first off it was new missionary tranning which went well for me!! so everyone is supposed to memorize the joseph smith first vision, and i dont mean just the part where joseph is in the grove, but like verses 10-17 so there is a lot to memorize.... but we got there and president Drake asked one of us the recite the first vision to everyone else, soooo i called my self to do it. it was so scary!! BUT I DID IT!! after that all us new missionarys (there are 20 of us) went into a room to pass off the first vision and the how to begin teachings once we were done we all went back into our room, and president drake said "who ever passed off the joseph smith vision stand up" only three people stood up including me. those people that stood up got a book mark and inside the book mark there is a leaf from the sacred grove. then we sat down and president drake said "everyone stand up who passed off the "how to begin teaching" " i was the only person who stood up!! it was crazy!! out of 20 people i was the only one!! i felt so good because i have been working my butt off to get those down. so that was new missionary training.

     new missionary training was on wednesdayfriday we had zone conference, where they check our car and we have a meeting from 8 am to 4 pm...... yaaa it was a loooog day!! but friday starts the 10 days to baptism for Cindy and two of her kids!! now your probablly wondering what 10 days to baptism are so i will tell you, it is were you see that investigator everyday until there baptism and you do something different everyday to prepare that investigator for their baptism.

     saturday is biking day, where you try to bike as much as you can, but the problem is that our area is so big that we cant really bike to much, anyways it was 930 and sister mcperson and i were walking our bikes back up to the apartment and i had the keys so i was trying to unlock the door, when all of a sudden a bug flys down my shirt under neath my GARMENTS!! I started to freak out and i run in side screaming saying there is a bug in my shirt!!! and the whole intire time sister mcpherson is saying sister turpin you have to get your bike! haha finally i find the bug and smash it and bug guts go everywhere on my garments. the bug drops onto the ground and sister mcpherson goes, oh you did have a bug in your shirt. like ya i did!! it scared me to death!! and it was a pretty big bug too. 

    with that i am going on splits tonight and all of tuesday, the only thing that sucks about that is that i will be staying here and leading out the area, and i just got my driving privileges so i dont know the area AT ALL!! and its 10 days to baptism and i have no clue what to do... so pray for me because im going to need it. and on top of everything the cooler broke last night so the apartment is really hot right now:( but i can do it!! i have to stay positive!!  pray for me cause im going to need it!

    i love you! be safe and remember that you can all be missionaries right now, if there is ever a chance to help our missionaries do it!! ward members are the biggest help to us missionaries.

oh one more thing that is cool is that elder cook is coming to speak to the missionaries this saturday so that will be in the morning and latter that night will be cindy, makaeyla, and josh's baptism. so i have a crazy day/ week. and a fun little thing you should know, is that everyone here likes to make lasagna because i have had it 8 times in the past 2 weeks from the people in our ward and then they have been giving us left overs so all we practically have in our fridge is lasagna.... yep!! 

love your sister turpin girl!! 

Monday, August 11, 2014

8/11/14 Weekly #3

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1. this is Cindy with 2 of her kids makaeyla and joshua after church yesterday.
2. the bugs love me here......
3. this is sister mcPherson and I if you were wondering:)

hello everybody!,

       this week has gone by fast! not to much has happened, but all the things that have happened have been good. Cindy is getting baptized on the 23rd of august which is in two week! her son josh will hopefully be getting baptized with her and her oldest daughter Makaeyla will too but if Makaeyla is not ready by the 23rd then she will for sure be getting baptized a couple of weeks after. Cindys family is changing so much its a miracle! they haven't missed 1 Sunday yet, and they are starting to do things that we haven't even taught about! like for example, they have been doing family home evening, living the word of wisdom, and trying to dress more modestly!

       on tuesday Sister McPherson and i went over to this investigators house names Claudia, she is the lady that i asked to be baptized my first day here in the mission field. anyways since that day we haven't been able to get in with her because she has been seriously sick! her stomach has been paralyzed for two years now which means she cant take that many foods into her stomach, and the pupils in her eye shake back and forth so she constantly feels like she is disey, and makes her throw up at least once a day. because her stomach is paralyzed she cant get sick or else its hard for her to get better because she can't get the vitamins that she needs. So for the last 2 months she has had mono and the flue. finally sister Mcpherson and i felt like claudia need a priesthood blessing, we fasted for her Wednesday and she received the blessing Thursday. it was such a powerful blessing! it commanded Claudia to be healed. and that she would be healed in the next couple of weeks but Claudia hast to read her scriptures and pray everyday. we haven't gotten the chance to see her since that day but we are going to go see Claudia tomorrow. 

      i love this church and ALL the blessings that come from it. i truly see a blessing in one of our investigators on the daily!! i love you all and i hope you are looking for the blessings that gives you everyday, because i know that he gives them to you, you just have to look for them, i love and miss you all but i know this is where i need to be right now. the church is true tell your fiends, you need know! you might be helping someone save their salvation.

Monday, August 4, 2014

8/4/14 Mini missionary

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 so this family that we teach has like a zoo in there back yard so the first picture is of me and an ostrich the second one is me and peacock and the third picture is of me and a liemer? sorry i cant spell.... ps. i was eatting a sucker and that is why my tongue is red

hello everybody!!

   this week sister McPherson and I had a mini missionary with us! for those of you who dont know what that is, its these girls that are usually 17 or 18 who go to a different stake and stays with the missionaries from Tuesday night, till sunday, and they do everything with us. they follow the rules they are seriously a missionary for a week! anyways her name was Kira Manns, ya i know she has the same name as me!! crazy huh!? it was really confusing because everyone would call her Kira and i would think they were talking to me but i had to remember that my name is no longer Kira for the next 18 months.... haha anyways she is a recent convert to the church. she has been a member for about a little over a year now, shes 17, black, and wants to go on a mission when shes 19. she leaves in Houston so about 45 mins away from me!

     this week was a crazy week! sister McPerson and I went to Cindys house (investigator) and helped her clean her house. she lives in an old trailer house and there are cockroaches everywhere!!! it freaks me out!! i think i told all of you about her last week and how she used to be a skin head/ Nazi she has tatoos ALL over her and lets just say she has had one tuff life. anyways shes getting baptized on august 23rd and we just started to teach 3 of her kids so we are hoping that the whole family will get baptized the only person in the family that doesnt want anything to do with us missionaries is this girl named rhannian shes 13 and all she does all day is sleep. but i think she is starting to come around.  Cindy and her family have gone to church 2 weeks in a row which is awesome, i have seen so many blessing come into her life already as she has been following what we teach her. 

    yesterday was fast and testimony meeting and lately i have been trying to figure out what the difference is between my thoughts and the holy ghost speaking to me, i have been praying to know and yesterday i have this feeling that i should go up and bare my testimony. now mind you i havent gone up to bare my testimony since i was 8 years old. plus i didnt really know anyone in the ward still. i was freaking out!! i didnt want to bare my testimony!! but then i thought, how is god going to trust me if i dont listen to the promptings that he gives me!? so i finally went up and bore my testimony. need less to say i am so proud of myself for doing that!! like fist pump in the air!! haha

    anyways my time is almost up. i hope you all liked my email!! there are so many things that go on through out the week that i just cant remember it all. i love you all, stay safe, remember the church is true, tell your friends. and be proud to be a mormon, we know that truth and we need to share it will others.

love, sister Turpin.