Monday, February 23, 2015

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sister Burgoyne and i in the car today:)

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michael at his baptism and his mom

hey yall! long time no see!!
    so i am going to keep this email pretty short because i dant have a lot of time today, but last saturday was michael LeDoux's baptism and it was an event to see! hahah Michael has ADHD so he struggles with somethings in life but, on saturday went he got baptized he started freaking out for a second because he once almost drowned and so getting in water was just a little scary for him but in the end he held back his fears and and was brave and was baptized, then the next day in church in his blessing when he recieved the gift of the holy ghost in his blessing it told him that if he read from the book of mormon everyday that he would grow up and be able to function normal which was a huge blessing! it practically told him that he would be heal so from that sister Burgoyne and i are going to go over atleast 2 times a week and read with him because we want this blessing to come to pass and actually happen! but isnt that just an amazing blessing!?
   then the other day sister Burgoyne and i went over to a less actives house who is trying to come back and asked him if we could practice lesson 1 on him, he said yes and we started and i remind you, it ws sister Burgoynes first time, but we start and he just starts freaking out! like both her and me just wanted it cry it was awful! so then the next day we went over to a recent converts house and asked her if we could practice the first lesson on her, but her brother was there so then we asked him if we could practice on him. he is not a member and has same gender atraction so we start and eveything just feel into place! it was amazing! and you could just see everything click in his eye! i had the prompting to invite him to be baptized but for some reason i didnt because i was like, hes gay! but we did invite him to pray about it and after we invited him to pray about it, he paused and said,"before i pray about it, what is the churches stand on same gender atraction?" we told him how we are not here to judge one another and how we are suposed to love one another no matter what! but that we do believe that a man and a woman are to be together.
    he told us he would pray about it and we left and in the car ride home sister Burgoyne was like, i felt like we were suposed to invite him to be baptized but i didnt because hes gay... and i was like "me too!!" ahhh it was awful! we both had recieve a prompting from the spirit and we didnt follow it! it was awful because we didnt follow it but it was also wonderful because we learned form our mistake and we know we will NOT do that next time.
   anyways i have to go but here is a picture of michael at his baptism and his mom, and then here is a picture of sister Burgoyne and i in the car today:) i love you all! remember who you are, stand for truth and rightousness, and return with honor. and dont forget who cares what people think. only care what God thinks because that is all that matters:)
love, sister Turpin

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

suprise! im a mom!!!

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i held a crab! it was so scary but it didnt have pinchers or anything... sooo hahah i guess it could have been even more scary:)

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sister Crump with her baby and me and my baby!!

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posterity picture with sister McPherson and two of her baby's which is sister Casas and me and then my baby as well!!

hello everyone!!,

    well you should all know im training! which means i now in the mission language (have a baby!) her name is sister Burgoyne and she is from alaska! how cool is that! also her first name is kara which is almost the same as mine!! then she has danced her whole intire life just like me!! she totally is like my own little daughter/ baby:) also sister Crump is staying in huffman and she is also training!! hahah plus on top of everything else that has happened sister McPherson just went home! it was a sad day to see her leave but at transfer meeting her parents were there and so i got to meet them which was really nice:) then of course we had to take a posterity picture with sister McPherson and two of her baby's which is sister Casas and me and then my baby as well!! hahaha we were only missing one sister of sister McPhersons and that was sister Martin. 

    well i feel as though so much has been happening that i forgot to tell everyone that i have a baptism this saturday for this boy named michael LeDeux hahah hes 9 years old and has ADHD. he is the funnest kid and we can only keep his attention for about 20 to 30 mins which can be a challange sometimes but it just means challange excepted;) hahaha 

   then on monday for our pday since it was the last time for our district to be together we all went down to the golf of mexico and went crab fishing and then went to the beach and played on the sand:) it was the funnest thing ever and i know you might not believe it or not but i held a crab! it was so scary but it didnt have pinchers or anything... sooo hahah i guess it could have been even more scary:).... hahaha 

   so here are some picutres of me crabing, being on the beach, me with sister Burgoyne, sister McPherson, and sister Casas and then sister Crump with her baby and me and my baby!! 

well i hope you like all of these pictures!!! i love you all!:) remember the church is true! tell your friends and your family! be an example to all of those around you and always pray to your father above who loves you all so much you cant even comprehend it!

love, sister Turpin

Monday, February 9, 2015

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for all of you lord of the rings fans look at this sign that i found!!! hahaha

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last monday sister To'o and i just went and explored down town lake charles and there is this cool wall that saids all of these things that people want to do before they die so of course we took a picture by it and same with all of these other buildings.

hello everyone!!,

    hahaha well a lot of things have happened this week! first off i had exchanges so i went to orange texas for the day with this greenie missionary. i know her name but i dont know how to spell it so i will just call her sister:) anyways while we were together i was so happy and excited that i didnt have to drive for the day because ever since ive been with sister To'o i have to drive everyday because she doesnt have a licence. so im with sister (greenie) and were in orange texas and all of a sudden we get pulled over!! hahahah i started laughing so hard! this girl who is a police officer comes up and she is wearing a cow girl hat which i thought was so funny and i told her how pretty she was but i wouldnt have that so in the end sister (greenie) just got a warning and i guess this sister has really bad ADHD so she called up this elder who is over all of the cars in the mission field and told him that she didnt feel comfortable driving so in the end i had to drive.... ahahha i guess i should have seen it coming. then we had stake conference and zone meeting which was all in orange so i was in orange for 3 days!! hahaha it was weird to be back in texas and see donut shops on every corner again! 

   transfer calls are this saturday so i will find out if sister To'o or i will be getting transfered. i hope neither of us will!! so everyone cross your fingers!!!! 

   there are probablly other things that happened this week but i cant think of all that happened because i wasnt in my area for half of the week but i love you all!! here are some pictures of me and sister To'o together finally!! 

love, sister Turpin

Monday, February 2, 2015

miracle upon miracles

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this is the spanish family that i talk about.

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these kids that we started teaching look how fat that kid looks!! haha hes only 3 but hes so cute and funny!!! hahaha

hey yall!

   hahah so this past week has been an amazing week:) sister To'o and i saw so many miracles!! first off we got 4 referrals which is awesome because we havent been getting any and then yesterday we had 7 investigators come to church!! yaaay!!!! one being a family of 5. they are from Honduras and the mom and dad only speak spanish and there kids speak english. we would pass them off the the hermas but we dont have any missionaries that speak spanish out here so we get to teach them! luckly enough we have a lot of people in our ward who speak spanish and they can translate for us so yesterday we taught them the first lesson and they are feeding us honduras food this wednesday which is nerve racking and exciting all at the sametime. they are such a wonderful family with such high standards.

    then we got a referral and we went to go call up the lady and the lady told us that she feels like she has always been a mormon at heart and we are seeing her this saturday:) 

    every other saturday we do this thing with all of the missionaries in our mission called the spoken pedal where we go out and ride our bikes and in lake charles we have the north side which is the sketchy side and not one member lives there and then we have the south side which is where the church is and where we live. anyways sister To'o and i went and road our bikes on the north side and everyone we passed would be like, look!! theres a white girl!! haha it was so weird to be in that prospective! haha then sister To'o and i talked to these guys and at first they were kind of making fun of us which i didnt really realize until afterwards but while we were talking to them sister To'o did a rap and it was the coolest thing ever! the best part was, was that we just kept baring our testimony and even though they didnt want to listen afterwards they were really nice to us and told us some places that we shouldnt go down because they are so sketchy.

    we found so many people that have been prepared by the lord and im excited to see the fruits of mine and sister To'o's labor come to life:) this area is so blessing and i know that as sister To'o and i keep having faith and are obedient while being diligent then great things can happen. thank you so much for all of your prayers! i love you all! the church is true! tell your friends, be an example to all those you come in contact with and the lord will not just bless them but he will bless you as well.

love, sister Tupin