Monday, November 23, 2015

happy thanksgiving!!

hello everyone!!

this week was awesome! I love it when we get to work hard! even though things kept popping up like having to drive to kingwood and get our car inspected or new missionary training for sister redford, or doing exchanges with the hermanas and not knowing what anyone is saying, to having to go to the hospital because one of our investigators had surgery, anyways over all it was a good week and we got a lot done:) speaking of some cool things!!

    first off sister redford got her driving privileges so now I don't have to drive everyday!! yaaaay!!!:) to when we went to the hospital to see this lady named Diana, her husband who is a member said that Diana told the bishop that when she gets back on her feet from her surery that she wants to go down into the waters and get baptized!! and she should be back on her feet jan. 4th!! yaaay! and then this guy that sister redford and I met 2 weeks ago, who lives in San Diego is meeting with the missionaries there, anyways he loves it so much that he got our number and then he told his family about us and they wanted us to start teaching them and so we met them last night and they are the coolest people ever!! theres the mom named elsa and then a daughter named elsa and another daughter named debanie! they are so cool!!! and tehn we found this girl named marissa who came to church on sunday who has a baptismal date and she is just on fire!! she is 16 years old and her mom is investigating as well, so we will see where things go:) her mom has no hands and is the coolest woman ever!! her name is lori and lori is dating a less active member so we will see where things go:)

I have learned this past week about how wonderful and how important setting goals are, as you set meaning full goals having the mind set to accomplish them god is able to help you! everything we have is for our benefit!! heavenly father is amazing and just loves us all so much!! I love you all, wish me good luck because I will be giving a talk at sacrament meeting this coming sunday!! ahhhh!! I love you all! look for what god has given you! you will see that he blessed you in more ways then you know:)

love, sister turpin:) 

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