Monday, November 30, 2015

Sister Redford's letter

Hello Y'all:)

This last week in the mission has been incredibly testimony building.  We as a zone were able to get the highest amount of  lessons ever recorded for this area which absolutely amazing!  We all have been working so hard to do everything possible to get our numbers up.  It has taken a lot of sacrifice but really what is work without sacrifice?  It makes it all worth it when we are able to see the miracles that come out of it. This week one of the miracles happened in District meeting. So as a whole we set a goal of how many people we want to have with a baptism date, so individually we go off and pray and receive revelation about what we think that number should be.  We have 12 people in our district and when we were saying what number we received from our heavenly Father 10 of us got the number 15.  What a miracle to see that through us individually we were able to listen to the Holy Ghost and get direction for the district as a whole.  On my mission I have had no greater experiences with prayer and being guided right then and there what I should do or say.  I go into a lot of lessons with a prayer in my heart and keep it with me through the whole lesson.  I can not tell you how much of a difference I have seen it make in my teaching abilities and the things that I am able to convey to help them understand and come to Christ.

This Thanksgiving was absolutely awesome!  We met with some amazing member and ate some really great food.  We had three appointments so we were fed three times, portion control is such a huge thing down here but so hard to do when the food is so good.  But the members are so kind and most if not all of them are converts and all of their stories are incredible. We shared this thing we called the restoration of the cup song, it is pretty awesome I will have to send a video of what it looks like sometime.  Everyone we do it for absolutely loves it!  We were also able to help our investigator Diana cook her Thanksgiving dinner.  She is the one who just got out of the hospital.  She is really doing well and we are starting to teach her and she is really progressing!

I had Exchanges again this week which was awesome.  I love learning different ways to do things and different ways to teach.  I was on exchanges with Sister Powluk, She is absolutely awesome.  She is a convert and is so knowledgeable about the scriptures.  I learned a lot from her in such a short amount of time.  We met this guy named Adam.  He was 6'10.  He towered over both of us.  We asked if he was named after the first man on earth and he just laughed at us and then pulled out the three bibles that he had in his truck.  We hard a really good descusion with him and then asked him if he ever thought there could be more scriptures.  We were so surprised when he said he has always wonder that.  Perfect time to bring up the Book of Mormon!  He accepted and hopefully he will start reading it.  He did try to give us pork skins.. Let me tell you I don't think there is anything worse on this planet then those things.  So being the kind person I am I pretended to pull one out like I was going to eat it and promply put nothing in my mouth.  He thought I had eaten one and 5 min later asked me to eat another one. So I did the same thing again.  I put my hand in the bag made it look like I had one and put nothing in my mouth.  He did this 6 or 7 times and finally we had to go home so we wouldn't be late but me and sister Powluk were laughing so hard the whole way home.  We are surprised he didn't notice.

We taught Charlotte a lot this week.  The most moving lesson was when we sat down and prayed with her about a baptismal date for her and her husband.  When we first asked her to do it she was very hesitant and did not like the idea.  She thought that she should be doing in it private.  But we promised her that if we all put our faith together that she would receive an answer from Heavenly Father about when they would be ready.  So we knelt in prayer and when she asked God I had a strong feeling of the month of April which is 5 months away.. But we are talking about when they both will be ready and Jeramy her significant other has not taken the lessons before.  She started to cry as she felt the love and guidance of our Heavenly Father. When she was done praying she said that she felt him tell her that they will be ready by her birthday which is April 6th. HOW CRAZY!!!!  The member that was there said she had an impression about her dad and low and behold her dads birthday is on April 6th as well.  And sister Turpin felt the month of April as well.  What a miracle prayer is.  My testimony on prayer is so strong.  He does listen and he does answer.  Sometimes right then and other times it takes a while but he still answers. 

I am serving in the best area and with the best missionary.  I am so blessed to be a missionary at this time to be part of Gods army to bring the work forth.  I love being a representative of Christ and always strive my best to do all the things I can to become more like him.  This week has been a week of many miracles and I know it is because the Lord is on my side.  I have started marking the work Lord, Redeemer, Messiah and such in a new book of Mormon and high lighting the things that he does or says.  I want to get to know him better and I already feel like I have a stronger connection and I just started this week.  It is really cool to see how much he is actually talked about and the things that he emulates as he speaks, directs, or comforts those in the BoM.  I love this gospel and the people that I am teaching.  I am learning and getting better everyday at expressing the importance of this gospel to others.  The spirit is the head of conversion.  I can not convert.  Only the spirit can do that, I can bring the spirit but unless these people have open hearts they will not let that seed be planted.  Like the parable of the sewer.

Love you all and have a great week:)  Have a happy Holidays, give thanks daily

Sister Redford

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