Monday, June 29, 2015


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me and my baby sister Castaneda

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me and my two babies and my gandbaby

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and Christians baptism!!!

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hello everyone!

a lot has happened this week but at the sametime nothing has happened.

I am now back in texas in a place called vidor texas. its in the country an I feel like there is nothing here... I am training this awesome girl named sister Castaneda. she is from Colorado and her birthday is july 2nd and so she will be 20 years old. she plays volley ball and loves to exercise. just what I need! she is brand new and so i get the privilege of training her!! yay!! that means i now have 2 babies and sister Burgoyne is training as well so that means im a grandma! there will be a picture at the end of this that shows my posterity so if your wondering that is what sin the picture.

so the first day we got to vidor the place was a disaster! so we took a day to clean our cute little home and then for 2 days we were trying to find a good map of our area back we cover part of vidor and part of orange. but no luck there! one great thing is that i have been to vidor multiple times for exchanges and so i kind of already know the area and the members here which is awesome!

a lot of stuff will be happening this next month starting with sister castanedas birthday which is july 2nd then the 4th of july, then my year mark which is july 9th and then my birthday which is july 19th and then i am over 6 sisters so i will be going on a lot of exchanges so i wont really be in my area that much which is sad!

funny things that have happened first day a cockroach flew and hit sister Castaneda on her head, then i maid her kill a spider that was on our car and i would not die and it took about 15 mins. then sister Castaneda dropped the keys as we were walking up our stairs up to our little home and we have to search for them. then i stood in an ant hill and i now have bits all over my legs then Saturday i got to go back to lake Charles for a baptism for Christian vedi and then i get to go back to lake Charles on the 18th for another baptism! yaaay!! and so yay! a lot of crazy things happened this week:) a slow but crazy week.

now that sister Castaneda and i are all figured out with everything we are excited to get to work this week and start seeing miracles in vidor!!!

love, sister turpin

Monday, June 22, 2015

im a grandma!!

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hello everyone! 

  well this week was a crazy week! monday was zone conference in vidor and we had 2 of the quorm of the 70 come and speak to us, then tueday was our p day and they said that we needto stock up on water and food because a tropical storm was going to hit and so we stocked up on food and water, then on thursday kindra went through the temple and i was telling everyone i came incontact with.... ahhaha no joke! then friday kindra got married and i told everyone that as well. then saturday we had transfer calls and i found out that i was getting transfered but i already knew that. but earlier that day we had an investigator named deborah get a blessing because she hasnt been feeling good and she is just stuck in a pickle right now. also this guy named christian is getting baptized this coming saturday june 27th and so we saw him everyday this week practically.

anyways i am just rambling on... i stink at telling stoies these days. so saturday comes and i find out that both sister burgoyne and i  will be training and i will be white wash training which means that i will be going in to a new area with a greenie and both of us will know nothing.... yep! im scared!!! ahhhh anyways but now i am a grandma! (thats in mission language:) ) so when sister burgoyne and i found out that we were going to be training she immediately broke down and started crying and i had to give her a little pep talk:) it was so cute:) then sunday rolls around and both chirstian and deborah were at church and deborah leans over to me and whispers in my ear telling me that she had a surprise for me. we go through out sacrament and sunday school and after sunday school we are just waiting for relief society to start and deborah says "i woke up this morning and i opened the book of mormon and just started reading and this is what i read" she gives me her book of mormon and its open to alma 7:11-14 which is about the atonement of jesus christ and his sufferings then in verse 14 it talks about how we need to repent and be born again. after i read what she just told be to read i look at deborah and ask "what are you saying?" she then replied "it means im getting baptized!!" i started freaking out!! it was a miracle!! hahahaha specially because we set a date with her for june 20th but she said she felt like her baptism before was already valid so this was just a surprise!! ahahah so we told her lets set a date after church, and when we got out we were talking to christian and about his baptism this saturday and Deborah over heard and said. "i want to get baptized this saturday" like another miracle!! hahaha so now both Christian and Deborah are getting baptized this saturday and president rake said i get to come back for it!! isnt that just s awesome!! seriousl! also we got a less active to church yesterday and she hasnt been to church since 2007! man i totally went out with a bang! so happy right now! 

so in about 2 hours we will have our transfer meeting and then i will find out who my companion is and where i am going! ahhh!! wish me good luck in my new area!! i am going to need it!

but i am so grateful that i got to serve in lake charles, i love that place and all the people there. the mission is wonderful, i love serving the lord and i never want it to end! i love you all!! stay safe!, be an example to those around you, and remember you are a child of god!

love, sister turpin

Monday, June 15, 2015

This is my district.

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this is sister burgoyne showing how wet her shirt was from riding the bikes...

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and this is us tracting for about less that a min. and then the rain started coming down and so we ran to our car soaking wet and had to take a picture. the picture doesnt do its justice though

hello everyone!

 sorry about the no email last week!! things have been really busy and stuff but all is good! yesterday we had 2 quorum of the 70 come and speak to us at a zone conference and i have had a lot on my mind lately of who i want to become, if i am on the pathway right now, how i will achieve it and so on and so forth, but the meeting was so good! i think every single one of my prayers where answered there at that meeting. 

  transfers are coming up this week so this will probably be my last week here in lake charles which makes me really sad and i dont feel ready to leave but thats because i feel like i have grown so much here! when i first got here there was no work going on and the members didnt really like to help but since my time being here the work has been able to pick back up and the members are starting to help once again so much! its wonderful to see that my hard work is starting to pay off!! it just really shows how important it is to work with the members!! and how when you go in pray how merciful the lord is to help out his children.

  there has been a lot of rain this past week. and since i had a meeting in kingwood texas earlier this month and then having to drive to orange texas for zone meeting and then driving to vidor texas yesterday for zone conference sister burgoyne and i are really short with miles so friday and satruday we biked in the rain, and let me tell you, it was so fun!! i mean we had to come home about 3 times and change our clothes because they were so wet! but other than that it was an adventure!! hahaha i wish you coudl have seen us! you all would have been laughing so hard! 

i have started to notice how fast the mission life is going and how i dont want the mission life to end! i mean yes a mission is hard, but it is so rewarding and i find so my joy in it. maybe a little to much joy sometimes... hahaha atleast thats what people tell me:) 

so right now sister burgoyne and i are working with this man named christian zedi. we found him during hour of power about 2 or 3 weeks ago:) he is from Africa and speaks french! he is so funny! and he is getting baptized on the 27th!! so exciting! we taught him word of wisdom and the law of chasity last week just to hit him with the big stuff, and it was cool to see that he already lives the word of wisdom and he said he would commit to living the law of chasity!! after we taught him he said."i just want to know what the responsibilities are of a member so that i can be ready!!" ahhh isn't that just so awesome!! 

then there is a family that we are teaching, the moms name is tabatha, and the dads name is sam. we also found them during hor of power and they live 2 houses down from christian. sam and tabatha arent married but they are planing on getting married, they have been together for 17 years and they have 2 girls one is 11 and her name is chloe and the other is 7 and her name is kaylee. they are just the cutest little family and they came to church yesterday and just loved it!! we are seeing them tonight to talk to them about eternal families and the plan of salvation and i am just so excited!! i will have to take pictures of them!!! they have a date right now of july 11th but we will see!! tabatha smokes so we just have to help her quite first and get sam and tabatha married! 

well those are the main people that we are really working with right now! but everything is just coming along so great! i love this work, i love the people, i love heavenly father and all that he does for me. the church is so true and it blesses lives as people live the gospel! thank you so much for your prayers and for all of your kind words. you all are so great! i love you! and i will talk to you next week!!

love, sister turpin

Monday, June 1, 2015


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this is sister smith and i right next to a cow...:)

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this is me feeding a cow

well not a lot happened this week. on Tuesday we had to go up to Houston to have a training on the ipads and it was really cool the things we learned and what they are starting to do with missionaries before they leave on there missions and when the come home from there missions. then on thursday we actually got the ipads and had all of this training that we had to do. i guess there are steps i the first is learning how to use the ipads in teaching. the second one will be learing how to do the area book and the planner on the ipad and then the third step will be doing facebook and other media. its crazy but very exciting! they are calling us the digital age! hahaha so now have an ipad and i dont really know how to use it but its all good because sister burgoyne is really good at technology so she helps me a lot:) 

so because of the ipads we didnt get that much missionary work done this week and then i went on exchanges with this sister named sister smith in vidor texas and that was a fun experience probably because we found this man who let us feed his cows and he is going to be feeding both the vidor sisters and us lake charles sister this tuesday! (tomorrow) yaaay! i love it when people feed us:) 

this week i will be in houston for mlc and then friday and saturday i will be in orange texas going on exchanges with this sister named sister pawluk. so i will only be in lake charles for about 3 days and 1 of those days i will be in side all day because of weekly planning. but thats alright because sister burgoyne and i are going to rocket! 

we are teaching this lady right now named deborah garrett she is so cute and she actually took us to texas road house a couple of nights ago! anyways she has a date of june 20th but she wants to make she that she is ready. i know she will be but she is going to pray to see if that is the date that god wants her to get married on. so i guess next week you will all know what happens! 

well i have to go. i love you all!! thank you for everything that you do. yall are the best!

love, sister turpin
ps. sorry i didnt have that much time i was looking at my sisters bridal pictures half the time....:)