Monday, November 9, 2015

November, Week 2!!!

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 Look at the sign!!

 This was Charlotte and her daughter jasmine yesterday after church!!!:)

We had dragon fruit today!!

We had a greenie breakfast for my little baby girl!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh how cute!!:)

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hello everyone!!,

 this week went so good! sister redford got to invite someone to be baptized for the first time ever this last week and he said yes!! so we will see how all of this goes!:) haha she was freaking out so much it was the cutest thing ever!! then charlotte, one of our investigators had this awesome thing happen to her this week!! we invited her to read the testimonies of the book of Mormon, and she had been having a hard time with the word of wisdom. anyways the next day we met with her, she said, "I read the book like you asked, and I know its true! I was reading it and every feeling I had our thought I had was wiped away! I just kept hearing heavenly father keep saying, charlotte, you know this is true" my mouth just dropped!! hahaha she then said "i know this is true and i will do whatever it takes!" so she is meeting with this man named elder swank this week to go over a stop smoking program and she came to church on sunday and just loved it! even though it was just a stake conference broadcast!! ahahah she is don't so good and hopefully will be ready to be baptized on the 28th of this month!!:) now we just have to get her married;) now that's the tricky part:) haha but everything in la porte is going great!! i feel like a lot more stuff happened but i just cant remember!! sorry!! Allison and Jordan are still doing good, they still haven't received an answer yet or anything like that but i think they will come around sooner or later!

i love the mission!! the things you learn each day are just incredible! I know this is pretty short but literally everything is just starting to blend together!! hahaa but I want everyone to know that I DO know that the church is true, I have a love and testimony for the church and especially for the commandments that god has given us. I know that jesus Christ lives, and that heavenly father has a great love for us. he know us and he knows what we need. I know joseph smith was and is a prophet of god. the gospel is amazing because each day we can grow in faith and repent and try to do better! its amazing!! I love you all! hope you all have a fantastic week!!! god be with you till we meet again!

love, sister turpin 

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