Monday, October 26, 2015


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hey everyone!

well, as you know today are transfers, and sister pace is getting transferred and i get the lucky chance again to train for the last time:) we are up here in huffman, my first area just getting ready to head up to kingwood, and i feel this over whelming feeling of joy and excitement for what lays ahead in these next 3 months that i have left to serve. its comforting to know that la porte will be my last area! ahahah but a little bit about this week.

this week was awesome! tuesday was interviews with the mission president which is always fun and then i got to go on exchanges with the wonderful sister named sister pawluk who i love so dearly and we got to go teach allison about the law of Chasity.... ahaha that was exciting! i don't know how well allison took to it all but she said she would fast and pray about it. she is progressing so well she just needs to recognize that she has received her answer. so please pray that she will recognize her answer please!!sister pace and i found 2 new awesome investigators, so i am excited to see where they will go.  ones name is charlotte, we taught her L.1 and then we went back later that week, and she said she had a dream where she saw, Joseph smith receiving the priesthood, and she knows that it is true!! now all we need to do, is get her married, and live the word of wisdom!! hahaha but it will come. then this week was full of rain which was so fun and i loved every min. of it!! we went tracting in it. and biking in it!! it was awesome!! anyways. 

this week was awesome! and i am excited to see what will happen this coming week!! the mission is wonderful, life is great, god is real, and he loves us. thank you for oyur prayers!! keep them up they are working!! i love yall and i will talk to you next week!!

love, sister turpin

Monday, October 19, 2015


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here are some fun pictures of our adventures of eating our pumpkin oreos and wearing our Halloween socks:)enjoy!

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ahhh!!! this week was awesome!! sister pace and I are getting things running up here in la porte texas!! we are still teaching Allison and Jordan and they are progressing really well!! they came to church on sunday, only for sacrament meeting because then Jordan had to go to work, but it still, it was good:) and this week we are teaching the about the law of chastity and the word of wisdom so pray that they well take well to it all!! hahaha

then do you remember sunshine from vidor!! well she got baptized this Saturday!! how exciting! the only thing though was that the missionaries didn't let me know she was getting baptized until 2 hours before so I didn't get the chance to go down and be apart of it, unfortunately....:( but whats done is done.

really cool experience this week, sister pace and I were teaching Allison, Jordan, and derrick who is allisons boy friend and I ad an impression to read 2 nephi 31 with all of them and so we started reading, and stopped halfway through, to let them finish it on their own, but afterwards derrick was like, as he turned to Allison "I think im going to start read" the cool thing of it was, was that derrick really wasn't that interested before, but he would always just sit in and listen but when he said tat my heart just melted!! that night my testimony grew on the power of the book of Mormon and how the book of Mormon can change anything!! ahhh!!! it was awesome!! I wish all of you were there!! it was perfect! sometimes I feel like I am just to lazy to explain how wonderful all of my experiences are, but I also feel like they are just to amazing that I just cant put them into words!! but I know that the spirit was there, the spirit really did direct the lesson that night.

then a member gave us a 5 dollar gift card to target last week so sister pace and I decided because we love pumpkin we would get pumpkin oreos and Halloween socks and then today we are going to make pumpkin muffins!! haha so here are some fun pictures of our adventures of eating our pumpkin oreos and wearing our Halloween socks:)enjoy!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Spoke n peddle

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sister pace and I

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my neck got burnt!!!

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Allison was so sweet to make sister pace and I
some homemade peanut butter pie things!!

Well hello everyone!! This week has once again been a pretty good
week:) this week was Mlc and I learned so much!! I was a meeting full
of revelation and joy and happiness, it was sad to see some people
bare there testimonies that are going home soon and it made me think
about how in the next couple of months I will be baring my testimony
in front of all of the wonderful leaders it made me sad but yet gave
me a burning fire to work as hard as I can these last couple of months
that I have.
This week sister pace and I got to teach these wonderful people named
Allison and Jordan and Allison was so sweet to make sister pace and I
some homemade peanut butter pie things!! They were so good, and at the
end of the lesson we invited both Jordan and Allison to be baptized on
now. 7th they both excepted and so we pray now that they will
recognize their answers and will follow through with being Baptized on
nov. 7th!!!! Then there is our neighbor who we are teaching named
Daniel. He's catholic and is the sweetest old man ever!! He gives us a
lot of food, he is just devouring the Book of Mormon!! 2 days after we
gave it to him we followed up to see how his reading was going and he
was already in Jacob!!! Isn't that crazy!!!:) hahaha it's awesome! We
will see where he goes so please pray for him!:)
Then this week we had spoken peddle which is where every other
Saturday we park the car for the day and bike or walk from10 till 5
haha so needless to say I was stupid and didn't put any sunblock on
and so my neck got burnt!!! And I didn't think about taking a picture
of it until now so you can really understand or see how bad it was but
it was bad!!! Hahaha
Then on Sunday we had stake conference and we had a new stake
president get called and so a general authority came and his name was
elder gay. He was an excellent speaker and I really enjoyed what he
said by "live life the lords way" it made me really ask myself... Am I
living the lords way? I would invite you all to ask yourself that. Am
I living the lords way? And if not, go repent and change so that you
can be and so that you can be a light in the world and receive
blessing for you and for those you love. I love you all! Keep trying
to be like Jesus!! And remember it's a great day to be a child of
Love, sister Turpin

Monday, October 5, 2015

conference weekend!

I loved this last week:) conference is just the best!! I had so many questions and some how almost all of them were answered!! the only one that I can say that wasn't answered was that sisters could now serve for 2 years.... dang it!! anyways

I felt like I learned so much at conference this year. we watched it a the church with all the other missionaries, and then some members were nice enough to feed us lunch in-between sessions. I think satudays session was my favorite though. I loved how they talked about not looking at to many things to work on at once our else you will start having feelings of despair! I then loved how they talked about how the spirit will always come in and correct and for us to listen to he spirit and take those corrections. I felt so much love for my fellow brothers and sisters that I serve with and who I am lucky to serve. gods work is so amazing and I have loved every min. of it so far.

this last week I got to go on exchanges with the Baytown sisters and they had some wonderful pumpkin brownies and so for conference sister pace and I decide to make some and we make homemade cream cheese frosting!! it was awesome and I am totally learning how to cook finally!! yaaay!!! you have no idea how wonderful it was:) we also got to start teaching these people that we met last week during hour of power, their names are Allison spoons and her son Jordan fello. they are amazing and they even talked about how Allison has a brother that lives in Utah who is a member!! anyways they came to sundays session of conference and they just loved it!! we are excited to see where things will go for them and we are going over to see them tomorrow to invite them to be baptized!! pray that they will feel the spirit and gain a testimony of the truthfulness of he restoration please!! I love you all and I love this gospel!!!
I love our prophet Thomas s Monson, and I love the new apostles that have been called and chosen, and of course all of the other apostle are amazing as well. I want you to know that the spirit is really, it leads and guides us to show us where we must go, what we need to do, and to teach us simple truths, may you always listen to the quiet whisperings of the spirit. the gospel is true the book of Mormon is blue. love you all!

love, sister turpin