Monday, December 29, 2014

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sister Crump and i on christmas morning

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sister Crump and i's baby:)

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i let sister Crump hold a scorpian.... yep!

Merry Christmas everyone!!,

   this last week was a CRAZY week! first off monday to tuesday was exchanges and i went to humble with this greenie named sister mulivia she is the sweetest girl who is poly!! haha then wednesday was christmas eve and we stayed in all day doing weekly planing while decorating a ginger bread house, and listening to some christmas music:) thrusday was christmas and we got to go email our familys which was so good! i am so happy to hear that my faimily is doing good:) later that day we went and visited people and taught some lessons and did service! and then friday sister Crump and i had a mini missionary! haha we were pregnate! we like to say that i am the mom and that she is the dad:) our babys name was kimberly christoph she is from livingston which is where sister McPherson is serving right now and she was with us from friday till sunday. She was the sweetest girl with such a strong testimony! she is a convert of 2 years and is 16 years old right now:) haha funny thought. So everyone knows that sister Crump and i are pineapples (brown on the out side and blonde on the inside) haha and that we are the funnest coolest people ever!! so we were asking kimberly what she thought about us and she said that we were gangsters!! best complement of my life!! haha anyways she was so nice to get a present for sister Cump and i  and they were the softest cutest blankets ever! ahhh!! 

    billy Endesly, cody endesly and olivia hanson are getting baptized this saturday and emily and billy are getting married this thrusday! so exciting and crazy!! aahhhh i will take so many pictures because i am that excited and i will send them to you all next week! transfer calls are this saturday so on monday i will let you all know if i am getting transfered or not! 

    i just want you all to know how grateful i am for this gospel and for the blessings that god gives us each and everyday! i am so grateful for the priesthood and for living prophets today who lead and guild us and let know know what god wants us to do. God loves us, he loves each and everyone of you! his love will never change! and if we truly love god then we would do follow his commandments, then we would use the atonement everyday and we would keep all of our covenants. please never forget that you are a child of god and that he is always hear to help if we just stretch our hand out and let him help us! i love you all! keep up the good work! the church is true! tell your friends! remember who you are stand for truth and righteousness! return with honor. dont ever forget the coventants that you made with god when you were baptized!!!

love, sister Turpin

Monday, December 22, 2014

merry christmas!!

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sister Crump helping make cookies, (if you look really close you can tell that sister Crump is really messy!!) hahah

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this is a picture of sister McPherson and all of her babys!!

Merry Christmas everybody!! 

   this last week has been AWESOME! so many things have happened but i will just summarize it all:) so for the past month now sister Crump and i have been meeting with this man named Billy. he is dating this girl who's name is Emily, She was excommunicated but is trying to get back to church! anyways they are living together and they are planing on getting married and Billy wants to get sealed in the temple to Emily.and ever since sister Crump and i have been meeting with Billy we have been praying for a date to invite Billy to get baptized on and january 3rd just kept popping up in our heads so finally last night after teaching billy, and his son Cody and Emily's daughter Olivia we invited him to be baptized! but before all of this Billys home teachers came over and  billy was sick and they offered to give him a blessing. and the spirit was so strong.we asked him about it after, and he told us it was really overwhelming, and then really peaceful.  so we taught him and his family the plan of salvation. such a perfect lesson:) but after we talked to him about getting baptized.. and he was like ya, i want to. and emily started freaking out cuz that means they are getting married!!!!!!!! but also that means they are getting married in the next 2 weeks. billy was like i could do that! we could just get married and make the temple wedding the big one. 
thats not even the best part. 2 of their kids will be getting baptized with them. and then emily will be eligible for baptism in a  year or so and billy will be able to baptize her and then a year after that they will be able to get sealed!! ahhhh!!! and at the end of the lesson emily was in tears and was like, i hope you never forget our family. you have made such an impact on us.!! like wow...... sister Crump and i just couldnt stop freaking out! and it is a christmas miracle because we are getting a baptism for christmas!!! my dreams came true!!! ahhhhh best miracle story ever huh!?

    hahah and this week sister Crump and i also got to go do some service for this place called HAAM. we did some service there for thanksgiving but we also did if for christmas but it was amazing because we got to give out presents to people for there kids and some many were crying afterwards and then sister Crump and i got to make cookies with this family in our ward named the whites:) and after wards we went and handed them out to our investigators and the less actives. then sister Crump and i invited another one of our investigators named sonia to be baptized on january 10 and she said yes! we are going back tuesday night to confirm it with her:) oh and she also came to church yesterday and she loved it!! ahhh!! miracle on top of miracle on top of miracles huh!!? a lot more happened but i can write about it all because im already to sick of typing sorry!! 

   well i love you all! i hope you have a wonderful christmas! be good so that you dont get coal!! 

love, sister turpin

Monday, December 15, 2014

your a mean one mr grinch

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this is sister McPherson posterity so we are all of the one sister McPherson has trainned. 

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sister Crump and i found this man who had been bitten by a shark! so of course i asked him to if we could take a picture with him

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 hahah so this last week has been crazy! from Monday to Tuesday i went on exchanges with sister McPherson and we went to her area which is Livingston. Livingston is the country and they have to cutest little town ever! it was so fun to be back with sister McPherson for the day and learn new things from her just like the good old days:)

     Wednesday our whole mission got together in bay town and had a christmas conference from 8:30 in the morning til 5 pm so that was fun and sister McPherson and i did the cup song in the talent show that they had.

     Thursday was weekly planing and so sister Crump and i were inside most of the day planning and the Friday was our only day to go out and teach so lessons which was awesome and then Saturday was our wards Christmas party and that same day the ward had a child of record baptism and the bishop asks the missionaries in the ward to always be there so sister Crump and i were at the church form 10 in the morning til 9 pm that night! i never thought i would be at church that long but i guess i should never say never! hhaha the party went so well! there was about 300 people and half of them were either less actives or non members so it was a good finding opportunity for us missionaries. it was also elder knebels birthday Saturday so being the good sister missionaries that sister Crump and i are we took the snow flakes that we have been making to put in our apartment and put it on the elders door for his birthday.:) i know we are such great sister!! hahah 

    Sunday we had a member named mckayla gurrero (shes 17) come out with us and sister Crump and i have really been trying to rely on the spirt more so every time we are in the car we ALWAYS pray to see what heavenly father wants us to do. so we were with mckayla and we had her pray and ask heavenly father if we should see this man named greg, chris, or Vanessa. (its these three people because they all live in the same complex apartments) and after she was done i looked over at sister Crump and i said "ive got my answer but what is yours?" she then replied " Greg" then i said me too! and mckayla then freaked out and said " oh my gosh!! my too!!" ahaha it was so cool and cute to see her freak out and we knew that we had all received revelation. we then went over to gregs who is a new investigator of about a week or two ago now and he let us in and we taught him about the book of Mormon. and the cool thing was is he told us how he had his own book of mormon that he had gotten a couple of years ago!! sister Crump and i just couldn't stop freaking out that Greg has been being prepared for years and he doesn't even know it! we are going to see himtomorrow so i will tell you more about him next week! 

   i love you all!! merry christmas! and a happy new year! your the best! keep up the good work! remember who you are! stand for truth and righteousness! god bless everyone:)

Monday, December 8, 2014

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my district at the temple

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sister Crump and i at the temple

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yep this is our chirstmas tree that i made! hahah its pretty great:)

you may be wondering why my email title is but its because all of you need to go to it and watch a 2 min. video about jesus christ!! it is so awesome and i think everyone needs to watch it:)

   so this week has been amazing! because the last couple of weeks sister Crump and i have been so busy this week we worked really hard and because of it we now have a baptism coming up on the 21st for this girl named Olivia Hanson. She is the sweetest girl, she 8 and we are hoping that because of her getting baptized her soon to be father will get baptized. i will explain. So this girl named Emily Hanson was excommunicated and she is now coming back to church and is dating/ living with this man named billy. Billy is taking the lessons and wants to get baptized but he knows that he needs to marry Emily before he can get baptized. He is proposing to Emily on new years eve and she knows nothing about it. Now what i want him to do is to propose to her get married a couple of days later and then in a year or two or how ever long it takes then the can get cealed in the temple and they can make that i big and amazing wedding thing:) so sister Crump and i are hoping that with olivia getting baptized (Olivia is Emilys daughter) then Billy will want to get baptized sooner! so he will marry emily sooner!! hahah but we will see:) billy and emily are amazing though!! they come to church every week and billy already has a testimony and yesterday he wanted to get up and bare his testimony but he didnt know if he could because hes not a member yet! but they are truly awesome!! ahhh!! i love their family i just get so giddy over it!:)

   the prophets have promised the missionaries that if they pass out these christmas cards everyday and we have to at least hand out 10 cards a day then we will get new investigators! so you know sister Crump and i took that to heart and one day we passed out 47 cards! yep we were that determined! hahah it was so fun and we now have 4 new investigators which surprisingly is a lot:) and because we were so determined we got the a phone call last night from our zone leaders telling us that we were the best in the zone this week and that we were stealing all of the thunder from everyone else:)

   this last week our zone got to go to the temple and do a session!! it was amazing and afterwards we sat in a room for an hour and had the president of the temple and president drake and sister drake answer questions for anyone who had them. it was amazing:)

   this week has truly been amazing!! i love being a missionary and i love working hard. the church is true!! please go and tell your friends you will truly be blessed for it!:) i love you all!! have an amazing day!!

love sister Turpin.

Monday, December 1, 2014


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this morning i woke up 15 mins early for sister Crumps birthday and decorated her desk and made her break fast and then suprised her with it:)

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hello everyone!

    so many things happened this week! first off on tuesday sister Crump and i were knocking on some apartments because this less active lives there but i didnt know what door was hers so we decided just to knock until we found it, 5 doors after knocking we found her! after we gave the lady a message we thought we would knock some more and from that we got 3 potentials one of them being this lady named Dawn. The next day we were at the church all day helping with this funeral and then going to book of mormon class so when 8 oclock came we raced to get over to dawns house but unfortunately Dawn had stood us up so we decided since we had had so much sucess that we would try to knock on some more doors. the first door we knocked on this 19 year old girl named Vanessa answered it and of course we start off by saying how we are and asking if she would like to hear a brief little message about christ and his gospel, and usually people say ya come back later, but Vanessa was like ya! come on in!! hahah sister Crump and i looked at each other and was like ok!!! hahah it was so funny!! we went in and started to get to know her a little bit and we were asking her all of these questions that we usually wouldnt say and she kept asking all of these questions pertaining to the plan of salvation. i kept thinking about how we always teach the restoration of the gospel first but the plan of salvation just kept coming into my head so i pulled out my little thing that i use when i teach lesson two and we taught her the plan of savlation. it was amazing!! she took it all so well and you could feel the spirit so strong!! after we left sister Crump and i couldnt stop freaking out!! vanessa is so prepare and she is so amazing!! 

   thursday was thanksgiving, sister Crump and i ate with the stewarts and it was so good! but unfortunately they didnt have any kind of potatoes so sister Crump and i after wards went over to the scannells and asked them if we could have some of there leftover potatoes:) hahah 

   Friday our ward had a temple trip and Cindy and Makaeyla got to come and do baptisms for the dead for their first time!! it was such an amazing experience and i am so blessed and grateful that i got to go and be apart of that for Cindy and Makaeyla:) 

    sunday was the day i GOT to give my talk;) hahah sister Crump went first and I went second. while i was waiting there i looked out at everyone and no one was smiling!!! so when it was my turn to give my talk i stood up went to the pulpit and said "wow i am so happy to be at church today, now all i ask before i begin is to see everyone smile because where im standing it looks like im the only one that is happy to be here" everyone laughed and smiled which was nice and then i began my talk. it went really well and after wards i had a lot of people come up to me and tell me how they liked my joke but i was serious! i guess they just didnt get it... hahah anyways 

   one thing i would love to challange everyone for now on is to everynight get down on your knees and thank god for something that you usually take for granted one thing that you can see that god really helps you out in. and i know as you will do this you will see how much god loves you, how much he cares for each and everyone of you, how much he truly does do for you. i love you all so much! and i know sometimes i take you all for granted but i want you to know that you all do so much for me and i am so happy and grateful that i know all of you! your amazing! keep up the good work with being an example to all of those around you.

love, sister Turpin