Monday, September 29, 2014


hello everyone!

   life is good over here in Texas:) one of my goals this week was listening. Listening to the people, listening to the spirit, listening and focusing on things around me! just everything. And if you really know me you would know i have a really hard time with listening..... my mind just goes off to wonderland or something. i don't know? just one second i will be listening, and then the next i'm thinking about something in my head!! it truly is a problem that i am trying to fix. Anyways! i have been striving to not teach the lesson but teach the people. but what i was trying to get at was that last night sister McPherson and I were at Cindy's house because we have to teach ALL of her family the lessons again cause that's what you do once someone is baptized. So we are sitting down trying to teach the first lesson with Cindy, and i feel like its going no where..... i have this thought come into my head to have Cindy watch "you never know" its a Mormon message that i have been dying for Cindy to watch. obviously i followed my impression and had her watch it. by the end of the video sister McPherson, Cindy and I were all tearing up. Cindy reviled her "ice berg" or in other words what was worrying her at the bottom of her heart! it was such a spiritual experience! i truly felt like i had helped Cindy for the better instead of just trying to get a lesson in with her. After we left sister McPherson said, "sister Turpin do you not realize what you just did!? you followed the promptings of the spirit and you listened to her!! that was amazing!!" hahaha it really was amazing! it felt so good to know that the spirit truly did just work through me and help a love child of God.

    women's conference was amazing!! that hour and a half went way to fast!! Cindy sat next to me and would lean over and just ask little questions here and there, and at the end of it she turned and looked at me and said. "i need to get my temple recommend" with her eyes tearing up. and for all of you who watched the women's conference you would understand why she said that. because almost all of the talks given that night were about the temple and what it can do for us here on this earth. i loved it when the little Asians sang a song. it made my eyes just tear up seeing how the gospel is practically all over the world. That anyone and everyone can learn about the truth of this wonderful gospel. 

    i love the blessing and miracles that i see in this gospel everyday. because i'm a missionary i look for them now, and i wish i would have been looking for them even before i became a missionary because i know that those blessing are surrounding us all we have to do now is look for them. Its like elder Dieter F. Uchdorf  said "our heavenly father constantly rains his blessings down upon us. we now need to close our umbrella and receive those blessings." i challenge all of you this week to look for those blessing and miracles and to look for the good in others. i am so excited for general conference this week end! and i am so excited to hear all the wonderful things that you all have learned from it. remember that when the prophet speaks its really God that is speaking to us. i love you all and i hope you are all doing good and striving to be a great example to those around you. remember who you are. you are all sons and daughters of our loving heavenly father that loves each and every one of us. 

love, sister Turpin

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