Monday, September 22, 2014

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well this week was an eventful week! sister McPherson and I had a baptism for Ali Morgan she is Cindy's youngest daughter who is 9 years old, she is the sweetest little girl with a big heart for her savior. She was baptized by Brother Misbach who is bailey Misbachs uncle. small world huh!? 

 Kaitlyn Carter will not be getting baptized this saturday because her family is flying in from utah for her baptism so we will now be holding her baptism on oct. 11 so stay tuned for that one!:) (a little bit of back ground on kaitlyn) kaitlyn is 11 years old her grandma is a member and that is who takes her to church each week and she has been coming for the past two years but she has never been baptized because her mom wants kaitlyn to know what promises she will be making when she is baptized. sooooo Sister McPherson and i asked her mom who is not a member if we could teach kaitlyn the lessons, her mom said yes and we told her that she should join in on the lessons as well so that she can know what Kaitlyn is learning. she agreed and we have been teaching Kaitlyn since. Kaitlyns step dad is who Kaitlyns mom is now married too. He is a less active so Sister McPherson and I's goal is to reactive kaitlyns dad, and baptize kaitlyn and her mom:) we will see!!! they came to church yesterday because it was the primary program so now all we have to do is make them come every week!! hahaha 

a couple of weeks ago sister McPherson and i found this lady named sarah Hight, she is a less active and non of her family are members she told us we could stop by and teach them so on monday we went over and taught her family and they cooked dinner for us! they are the cutest family ever!! they loved the lesson and they said we could come back so we should be seeing them this week!:) i will update you on how everything goes:)

 sorry this is a short letter!! i love you all so much! remember who you are! stand for truth and righteousness!!! and return with honor:)

love, sister Turpin

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