Monday, September 15, 2014

the weeks are going faster and faster

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people here REALLY love texas!

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this is a picture of texas at a bar..... yep it ws really funny that we took a picture at a bar....

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hello everyone!!

    here is some great news!! ali (Cindys 9 year old daughter) is getting baptized this saturday the 20th! and then here is some more great news!! kaitlyn Carter (11 years old) is getting baptized the 27th! which is in two weeks!! Sister Mcpherson and I have been seeing miracles and blessing everyday! you just have to look for them! and everyday we try to search for those things.

    some crazy things happened this week! sister McPhersons GPS got stolen out of our car! the crazy thing about it was the car was locked! we ALWAYS lock our car, but everything looked the same, nothing else was taken except her GPS and the GPS was put away in the side console so that means that someone had to have known that we had that! we were a little freaked out because it happened while we were at our apartment so we are going to talk to a guy that is over all of this and see what he will do. we dont feel comfortable knowing that someone might be watching. so dont be suprised if we have to move to different apartments.

    other than that Cindy came out with us to teach on thursday and we took her to a less actives home. The less actives name is Tony Tallent (thats a girls name just so you know) Tony's niece who is 20 just moved into her home and she is not a member. i guess she had been taking some discussions from the missionaries where she last lived and then went to church and got offended because the bishop didnt like her tatoos or something so she stoped the discussions. isnt that just awful!? so we go over with Cindy and if you remember the pictures of her she is covered in tattoos from head to toe!! we go over and Cindy and Tony hit things off right away!! finally Tony's niece comes in and the first thing she says to Cindy is "hey i like your tatts!" haha Cindy then when off to tell her about her story how she didnt want to come to church at first because she though people would judge her with all of her tattoos but on the contrary, the first thing that happened to Cindy the first time she came to church was the bishop came up to her and told her how much he loved her tatoos. Cindy then told Tony's niece that she should give it another try and have us sister teach her. Tonys niece agreed she would so we are going back this week to start the lessons!! it was amazing!! Cindy was bearing her testimony left and right! wow to talk about golden investigators that would be cindy right there!! after the lesson and we were in the car taking Cindy home Cindy was like "i dont get it, if she knows its true then why cant she just come!?" hahha its exactly right!! we then told her, thats what missionaries think all the time!! 

   well i dont really have anymore time to tell you anything else this week but be looking forward to seeing some baptism pictures in the next couple for weeks!! i love you all so much! i hope your staying safe and being a good example to everyone remembering that when you were baptized you promised you would take the lords name upon you, meaning that you are representatives of Christ so live your life accordingly and heavenly father will bless you:) remember who you are, stand for truth and righteousness, return with honor, the church is true tell your friends!! i love you all!! hahahha 

love, Sister Turpin

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