Monday, September 8, 2014

no time

hello everybody!!

     this week was.... hmmm it was REALLY TIRING! lets just put it that way. it was an amazing week full of amazing miracles and blessing. to start out the week we had no one who had signed up to feed us. we were really bummed out but that quickly turned into a blessing in disguise. our week was so full that we had no time for our selves. we would make a lunch and a dinner and eat it in the car because we had so many appointments... ISNT THAT JUST AWESOME!! and we have two little girls that have decided that they want the get baptized!! one is Ali, she is cindys youngest daughter who is 9 years old we are planing for her to be baptized on the 20th of september which is in two weeks but we have to see what Ali's dad thinks about it because she goes to see him every other week end so he is in the picture for her which means he hast to approve of it. so pray for Ali and her dad! the next little girls name is Kaitlyn. She is 11 years old, and comes with her grandma to church! she has been coming to church for the past 2 years but she has never been baptized. soooo! sister mcpherson and i went and talked to her mom to see if it would be alright if we could teach Kaitlyn the lessons! her mom said yes and said that she just wants kaitlyn to understand the covenants that she will be making when she gets baptized! now mind you kaitlyns mom isnt a member so we were being really sneaky and told her that she should also join in on the lessons so that she will know what kaitlyn is learning!! do you see what we just did?;) hahah yep so hopefully we will get her whole family baptized!:) we have been teaching kaitlyn for two weeks now and we invited her to be baptized on september 27th. that is is three weeks! they were a little suprised of how fast that would be and we told them to talk about it and we will get back to them in a couple of days. so Kaitlyn will be getting baptized we just dont know when for sure! ill keep you up dated with that though:)

     during hour of power this week we were knocking on doors and like usual i have to go to the bathroom! oh a little thing, i have to go to the bathroom so much down here!! i dont know if its because of the humdity or because i carry a water bottle with me everywhere so i am constantly drinking water BUT! back to the story. so we knock on this door and this lady comes to the door! i ask her if it would be ok if i used her bathroom which obviously she said yes and while i was in the bathroom sister McPerson was talking to her! it was a perfect sneaky little plan:) because you could tell she wasnt interested at first. I come out of the bathroom and we start talking to the wife and her husband their names are, debbie and charles. debbie is a baptist and charles is a catholic. they were telling us about how they are planing on moving sometime next year so they are re doing alot of their house and right now they are focusing on taking off all their wall paper and painting!! it was perfect! sister McPerson and i jump in as fast as we could and asked them if we could help! finally after begging them if we could help they said yes and they told us we could come by Saturday morning. Saturday morning comes and at 11 am we were over there taking off wall paper and trying to get to know debbie and charles so more. debbie made some blue berry muffins for breakfast and then she also made us lunch!! now guess what i had for lunch! FISH!!! it was so gross! but i sat there and pretended like i liked it and every time i would taste a little bit of fishiness i would just eat some banana pepper with it so that i wouldn't have to taste the fish.... after we finished the wall paper which was really fun!! but like really, it was REALLY fun!! we taught them lesson one which they both seemed very interested in! they told us they would look into it more and we asked if we could come back and help them paint their walls, they said yes so we should be seeing them sometime this week:) the best thing about them though was debbie said near the end, "if we both cant be baptist, and we both cant be catholics we could always be mormon!!" hahah it was the funnest thing ever! but i guess you just had to be there.

    sunday came and it was fast and testimony meeting! sister McPerson and i were sitting by cindy and her kids and all of a sudden the bishop gets up and he says, "before we begin i would like all the missionaries to come up and bare their testimonies" it caught me by suprise so much!! so we go up their and im like ok sister McPerson your going first!! nope! i guess i had to go first which scared me to death because i didnt even know what i was going to talk about but i went up there and talked about service and and charity. i was so scared i dont even know remember what i said!! hahah but yep those were some of the high lights of this week!! sorry there are no pictures we dodnt really have time to take any!! hopefully this week i will get some pictures to send next week though. i love you all! stay safe! have fun! be positive and look at all the blessings around you. because i promise you, you will find them:)

love. sister turpin

ps. the church is true tell your friends!!

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