Tuesday, September 2, 2014

labor day!

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in these pictures its these two girls name Brooklyn, and Paisley, and then there little brother named Charley there last name is the stewarts which is awesome, but yesterday we had dinner with them and the two little girls came running out when we got there and they were all dressed up as sister missionaries so of course we had to take a picture with them!! 

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this is my old district, and then this is sister mcpherson and i doing the masks! oh also i held a frog last week and i recorded it but i dont think im aloud to send recordings so one day you will have to see it, its pretty dang funny!!


    well as most of you know, yesterday was labor day so i didnt get to email but! i get to today! so hooray!! 

    not that many things happened this week but i feel like i saw so many miracles!! one of them being, we got a referral from the porter sisters and her name was ashley so the next day we went to go contact ALL of our referrals since all of our appointments seemed to fall through which was kind of disappointing, but we went to go see all of our referrals and nothing was coming out of it, so we decided to go see this lady we meet during hour of power named sarah hights, i guess she used to be a member so we went to her house and we knocked on her door and NOTHING! so we knock again and still... NOTHING! finally were about to leave and all of a sudden sarah pulls up in her car! it was a miracle!! then we decided to go see ashley, we go to her house and knock like usual but no one answers so were leaving and were trying to figure out how we get out of where ever we are and i see this guy sitting on his porch so i say "lets go talk to that man!" we start heading over to him and this girl comes out of the house and comes over to us and start talking to us, she said "i knew you guys were coming but i didnt know when!, i thought you guys were going to call first" (oh when we got the referral they said for us to call her first but we decided to just drop in:) ) anyways sister mcpherson says "wait whats your name?" the girl says " ashley" !!!!!!!!!! wow like WOW! it was the referral girl that the potter sisters gave us!! i guess somehow we got the wrong address or something but the amazing thing is that god was looking after us and lead us straight to her:) i love this gospel and the miracles that i get to see everyday:) 

    nothing else really happened this week because most of our appointments fell through but the good thing is that we got 6 new investigators, and our goal this transfer is to have 10 baptisms!! so we will see how close we get to that goal:)

    yesterday i got a greenie break fast from the scannells, brother scannell is the ward mission leader, who i love and i call him uncle bob:) so if you ever here me say uncle bob you will know its the ward mission leader:) 

    i love being a missionary so much! it is so fun and very rewarding, i love seeing the simple miracles and blessings that come with being a missionary and i hope that i will be able to help others see those blessings come to them as they follow the savoir and his teachings. i love you all and i hope you have a wonderful week!! go tell someone about our church and the happiness that it can bring them!!

                                                                                     love, sister Turpin 

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