Monday, October 6, 2014

conference weekend

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sister McPherson and i like to stick grapes in our mouths:)

howdy yall!

   hahah unfortunately i haven't said the word ya'll yet but we will see;) a lot of things happened this week. Monday was exchange day, and once again i had to lead out the area! im guessing they did that probably so that i could get comfortable doing it since this will probably be my last week with sister McPherson and my 12 weeks of training will be done! its crazy to think that i have already been out for about 3 months now!! i feel like only yesterday i came out and the time is just going by WAY to fast. but exchanges went really well! other than our gas was almost out so we went to go fill it up and the card wasn't working!! i started to panic a little but we said a prayer and god totally answered it. the power of prayer is so amazing! 

   the rest of this week was crazy! we had to investigators that were going to come to the first session of conference on Saturday but then Thursday we found out that they would not be showing conference at the church because the satellite was broken. we then started calling all of these people to see if they were going to be home for the morning session of the Saturday conference, we asked about 7 or 8 people and they all so no except for one!! she said she would pick them up and everything was going great! Friday night we called our investigators to just make sure one more time and they were both good. Saturday morning came and sister McPherson and i were doing our companion studies when we received a call from one of our investigators named Debbie,( she is one of the ones who was going to watch conference) she said "sorry girls i am going to have to cancel because i need to watch my grand kids"............... ya soooo that just happened!! then sister Hemming (the sister that said that it would be ok for our investigators to watch conference at there house) calls and says "Claudia (the other investigator who was supposed to watch conference) isnt home...." it was so embarrassing!! sister McPherson and i were so upset and sad. but we went over to sister Hemmings and watched the first part of conference with her. then the second session we went over to the Misbachs and helped sister Misbach paint her kitchen while we listened to conference. 

  sunday  we went over to the misbachs and watched the first session and then they feed us lunch and then we went over to the stewarts for the second session and watched that with them and then they feed us dinner. ya they feed us brisket, which i dont see what the big deal is... it tastes just like roast beef. but i wasnt feeling good all day yesterday so they were so nice to let me take a short little nap after conference while they were cooking dinner. as you can tell in the pictures... haha

   we will be having a baptism this saturday for the 11 year old girl named Kaitlyn. We are so excited for her and it makes it even more exciting because we have been teaching her mom and hopefully her mom will want to follow in her foot step into the waters of baptism as well:) 

   i love the people here!! my ward is amazing!! the last 2 days members have been coming over in the morning to give us breakfast or lunch so it is nice because we are getting feed 2 to 3 times a day but. i hope this will slow down so that i can choose what i want to eat! i love where im at right now, i loved conference, i love the people here, and i love YOU guys so much!! sorry this letter is so random, my mind cant really focus right now because i think im coming down with a little bit of a flu, i love you all though! be safe! share the gospel, keep writing me and i promise i will write you back. remember who you are! you are all children of god.

i love you all!! love, sister Turpin

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