Monday, August 25, 2014

first baptism!

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this is cindy makaeyla and josh at their baptism, hopefully the other two kids will be getting baptized soon!!

hey ya'll !! (no worries i haven't started saying yall or all yall yet but i probably will sooner or later)

well a lot of things happened this week. so many things that i cant even remember them all but my week started out with splits... i had to lead out the area and my companion for the next day was this sister names sister Enright. it wasnt as bad as i thought it was going to be and i learned alot of things from the whole thing one of them being that when you are on exchanges you stay up all night long learning about the other person..... it was awful, ok i will just tell you the story. so we are in bed and sister enright is just talking away asking me all of these questions and once she was done it was 11pm so i say very nicely, "well i would ask about your family but i'll just ask you in the morning because i want to sleep..." wrong answer!!! hahah she says " SISTER TURPIN DONT YOU KNOW!? when you are on exchanges you stay up all night long so that you can get to know your companion!!" well need less to say we stayed up until midnight and then i told her i was going to bed!! hahah 

then thursday i was asking for referrals from cindys kids just like i always do and they always say they dont know anyone so finally i ask " do you know why we always ask you for people who would be willing to hear a message from us?" and makaeyla says " no" i say "well do you believe what we have taught you is true?" she says " yes" and i said " well dont you want other people to know the truth then" right after i said that everyone started telling us people we could go try and we got 6 referrals from them that day, it was awesome!! 

staurday was a long spiritual day...:) elder cook came and spoke to all of us missonaries in the texas houston east mission, he based his talk on love and how we need to show our love to everyone, he said there are 4 loves. 
1. love your companion
2. love the people
3. love your mission president
4. love the lord
it was amazing, we all got to go shake his and his wife's hand and another guy from the quorm of the 70 and the spirit in that room was so strong! man i wish i had more time to go into everything he said but i dont! 

anyways then it was cindy, makaeyla, and josh's baptism!!! sister McPerson and I sang a song which was awful... thats all in going to say about that and then we had the baptism, cindy and makaeyla were crying the whole time while josh was being josh. after the baptism cindy asked us if we herd someone bang on the glass, we said no and she said, that is so weird because i heard this bang noise and then all of a sudden i was in the jordan river being baptized by jesus christ and then wheni came out of the water i was back in the baptismal font! like what!!!?? how crazy is that!? i then told her that, that was something special from god and it shows that he loves her and is showing her that she did the right then:)

oh also i guess sister McPerson and i have made a new record for baptisms in a week for our area, but we are determind that we are going to beat that goal and get it higher. i love this gospel and i love seeing the miracle and blessing everyday from the people that we teach, tonight we are going to do a fhe at the misbachs with cindys family so wish us good luck!!

love, sister turpin

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