Monday, October 26, 2015


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hey everyone!

well, as you know today are transfers, and sister pace is getting transferred and i get the lucky chance again to train for the last time:) we are up here in huffman, my first area just getting ready to head up to kingwood, and i feel this over whelming feeling of joy and excitement for what lays ahead in these next 3 months that i have left to serve. its comforting to know that la porte will be my last area! ahahah but a little bit about this week.

this week was awesome! tuesday was interviews with the mission president which is always fun and then i got to go on exchanges with the wonderful sister named sister pawluk who i love so dearly and we got to go teach allison about the law of Chasity.... ahaha that was exciting! i don't know how well allison took to it all but she said she would fast and pray about it. she is progressing so well she just needs to recognize that she has received her answer. so please pray that she will recognize her answer please!!sister pace and i found 2 new awesome investigators, so i am excited to see where they will go.  ones name is charlotte, we taught her L.1 and then we went back later that week, and she said she had a dream where she saw, Joseph smith receiving the priesthood, and she knows that it is true!! now all we need to do, is get her married, and live the word of wisdom!! hahaha but it will come. then this week was full of rain which was so fun and i loved every min. of it!! we went tracting in it. and biking in it!! it was awesome!! anyways. 

this week was awesome! and i am excited to see what will happen this coming week!! the mission is wonderful, life is great, god is real, and he loves us. thank you for oyur prayers!! keep them up they are working!! i love yall and i will talk to you next week!!

love, sister turpin

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