Monday, October 19, 2015


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here are some fun pictures of our adventures of eating our pumpkin oreos and wearing our Halloween socks:)enjoy!

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ahhh!!! this week was awesome!! sister pace and I are getting things running up here in la porte texas!! we are still teaching Allison and Jordan and they are progressing really well!! they came to church on sunday, only for sacrament meeting because then Jordan had to go to work, but it still, it was good:) and this week we are teaching the about the law of chastity and the word of wisdom so pray that they well take well to it all!! hahaha

then do you remember sunshine from vidor!! well she got baptized this Saturday!! how exciting! the only thing though was that the missionaries didn't let me know she was getting baptized until 2 hours before so I didn't get the chance to go down and be apart of it, unfortunately....:( but whats done is done.

really cool experience this week, sister pace and I were teaching Allison, Jordan, and derrick who is allisons boy friend and I ad an impression to read 2 nephi 31 with all of them and so we started reading, and stopped halfway through, to let them finish it on their own, but afterwards derrick was like, as he turned to Allison "I think im going to start read" the cool thing of it was, was that derrick really wasn't that interested before, but he would always just sit in and listen but when he said tat my heart just melted!! that night my testimony grew on the power of the book of Mormon and how the book of Mormon can change anything!! ahhh!!! it was awesome!! I wish all of you were there!! it was perfect! sometimes I feel like I am just to lazy to explain how wonderful all of my experiences are, but I also feel like they are just to amazing that I just cant put them into words!! but I know that the spirit was there, the spirit really did direct the lesson that night.

then a member gave us a 5 dollar gift card to target last week so sister pace and I decided because we love pumpkin we would get pumpkin oreos and Halloween socks and then today we are going to make pumpkin muffins!! haha so here are some fun pictures of our adventures of eating our pumpkin oreos and wearing our Halloween socks:)enjoy!

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