Monday, September 28, 2015

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Look this is a bridge that I get to drive over all the time:) it
reminds me of driving to McDonald's heaven because of all the
clouds... Hahahah the Golden Arches!!!!!!

Hello everyone, :)
This week was so exciting!!! One good thing about not really getting
fed by the members is that I get to eat heathy!!! Yaay!!! Hahaha
Anyways we got a couple of new investigators and 1 that I am really
excited about is this girl named Samantha! She's 18 years old works at
the Waffle House and is a senior in high school. She didn't really
believe in God but we started teaching her and we committed her to
pray and ask if there was a God and if he was her Heavenly Father, and
the awesome thing was that she did!! And she got an answer!! Totally
shows me that there is a God who loves us and is always here for us!:)
then there was a day where every single person we contacted was so
prepared it was awesome! The only sad thing about it though was that
not one of them where I. Our area... And we had to give them to the
other missionaries... Which stinks but that's alright because it shows
that God is hastening his work!!!:):):)
This week is general conference and I. So excited to figure out who
the next 3 apostles are going to be!:) I have been really thinking
about how I can prepare myself for this week so that I can be  ready
to hear what the prophet and the apostles say and one thing that came
to my mind is having about 5 to 10 mins a day of just silence, silence
in the car, or before bed or something, that way I can really focus on
the spirit and make sure my mind is ready for this wonderful weekend:)
I had the chance yesterday to go up and bare my testimony in
sacrament, and I would just like to share my testimony with all of
you, that I have a knowledge that this gospel is true. Probably not a
perfect knowledge but a knowledge to the point that I know that my
Heavenly Father loves me. A knowledge that my family can be together
forever. A knowledge that brings me more happiness than anything else
in this world. I know Jesus Christ lives and I know that the Book of
Mormon is true. And that we are all brothers and sisters. Family who
were sent here to earth to learn and grow. I love knowing that I can
repent daily and that I always have a friend there for me. Who leads
and guides me and that friend is the Holy Ghost. He is amazing and he
is always there to comfort me. To let me know what I should do, and
who guides me daily. I am grateful for prophets. Really what would we
do without them!? We would be lost! Lost in total darkness. I know
that the power of prayer really does work, I pray everyday and
everyday I receive an answer. It is amazing and I know as you are
praying and searching for your answers Heavenly Father will answer
your prayers too. I love this gospel and I love being able to go take
the sacrament weekly. Yall are awesome! And do you forget it!!! I love
Love, sister Turpin

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