Monday, September 7, 2015

last week of transfers

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Right here is a picture of us and

Well this was one busy week!!!

Monday started off on a great start and then turned into a hectic
day!! Haha sister Castaneda and I went to Waffle House and then we
went to go email and to our surprise our zone leaders were there and
they thought they would chew us out while we were emailing about how
we need to answer our phone when they are calling, then someone told
us that we were on crime watch and how people are watching us right
now because they think that we aren't with the church and that we are
just trying to get money from people. Then we went and checked our air
tires and the gas and while I was filling the tires up with air I
accidentally scratched the car with the air tube thingy....:( and the.
Trying to get to Kingwood that night was just hectic!!! But luckily
everything worked out and now sister tavoian is back with us for this
week until transfers and I made it up to Kingwood safe Monday night
and stayed at the mission home, and then Tuesday was MLC and it was so
good!! But defiantly very spiritually tiring, the meeting started at 8
and went until 430 so after that we drove home and then the next day
we had zone conference and I had to get up in front of everyone and
talk about commitments and showing everyone how to invite someone to
be baptized.... It was so scary!! But I'm not dead so:) then at lunch
time they made everyone who had a birthday in July or August stand up
and jump up and down while everyone sang happy birthday to us and I
guess I didn't jump high enough so they made us all do it again
because of me.... Oops!! 🙀 then Thursday was weekly planing and
Friday I went on exchanges with sister Sanderson and then Saturday was
a normal day but I didn't tell you all that since sister tavoian is
with us we are also covering orange right now!!! Hahah so that week
was pretty eventful!! Haha

This is the last week of this transfer so transfer calls will be this
week end and then on Monday I will let y'all know if I am staying our
going. But the cool thing is is that there is this lady named sunshine
who is getting baptized this Saturday and hopefully her daughter
crustal will be getting baptized as well! We have been seeing them
everyday and theY are so funny! Right here is a picture of us and

One thing that I have been learning a lot about lately is how loving
our Heavenly Father is, how he truly does know us each one by one,
this week I had the opportunity to really think about what I say in my
prayers and what they mean to me. And one thing that I have realized
is that Heavenly Father is ALWAYS listening and he will always answer
but we have to give him the opportunity to stop and just listen to
what he has to say instead of picking up the telephone and making and
order. I know that Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us.
Prayer is a way that he shows us that love but if we aren't putting
forth that effort to listen to him the. We probably won't feel of that
love. I would invite each and everyone of you to say a prayer and stop
half way through or something and the. Just listen and I can promise
yall that you will feel heavenly fathers love, and you will receive
answers to your questions and concerns. I love the mission, I never
want to come home, I love this gospel and I love you all!! Don't
forget! It's a great day to be alive!!

Love, sister Turpin

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