Monday, September 21, 2015

la porte

hello everyone!!,

well I am now in a new area, im in a place called la porte, its totally in the city and its by the ocean side so every morning we go run to this dock kind of a thing and watch the sun rise. I love it!! my new companions name is sister pace, sister from Idaho falls and she has only been out for about 6 weeks so I get the privilege of finishing her training!! she is such a sweet girl and I can tell that we are really going to make a difference in this ward:) speaking of this ward. this ward is huge!!! there are about 1000 members but only about 200 to 300 people are active. I guess the ward was combined together with Pasadena and deer park? I don't know, its all confusing but I let me tell you there are so many missionaries that are serving so close together and I have never been in an area that is so small but there are a lot of people which I LOVE! there are 4 sets of missionaries in the ward and the ward members are seem pretty awesome!!

not too much happened this last week other than meetings after meetings. and then having to teach at zone meeting is aways stressful but im excited to get to work here in la porte texas and see this area, ward, members and non members and missionaries change!!!

I love the mission. I love teaching people and seeing there faces light up!! this work is just amazing and I know that what I get to share each day is true. I know that god loves us. I know that he is always here for us all and as we obey him with a willin heart god will bless us! im excited to see what will happen in5 weeks from now! just know that if your ever going through a hard time or you need some words of comfort that you can always go to the book of Mormon an there you will find all that you need to hear. the church is true. tell your friends!!

love, sister turpin

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