Monday, August 3, 2015


well a lot has happened this week! a lot of cool little miracles! and funny times as well! first off sister castaneda, sister tavioan and i found out that we are staying in a trio for this transfer so we will be together for 6 more weeks atleast, and then some cool things happened. first the other day we were teaching this man named carl and all of a sudden his wife was like there is something on your car, we ran out to our car to see a box and we were really scared that there would be a snake or something scary like that because a lot of people here in vidor dont really like missionaries but we opened it up and there was a cute little note and some donuts!! hahaha i was so happy!!!:) we dont know who gave them to us but it was great!! then we were eatting dinner at this less actives house and and this guy walked in while we were eating and his name is robert stewart! he is such a cool guy and he came over because he saw our car anyways we started to teach the restoration of the gospel to him and you could just tell that he could feel the spirit. we asked him if we could come back and he said yes! we asked when and he said as soon as possible! so the next day, sunday we went back and finished teaching him lesson 1 and invited him to be baptized and he said yes!! he also said that he would be at church this coming sunday!! it was awesome! he has a date of September 5! so please pray that he will be able to recognize his answer and want to stop drinking!!! 

well i feel like a lot has happened this week but i dont really remember everything! haha it was a crazy week but what i do remember was, was last night i woke up feeling something crawling on my face and come to find out that it was a cock roach!! i literally freaked out and looked at the time and saw that it was only 1 in the morning... i almost just got in the shower i was so grossed out! then it fell onto sister tavioans bed and so i kind of scared her and before i knew it we were all up becauswe of my freaking out. i will never forget that i had a cockroach crawling on my face while i was sleeping scarest thing of my life!!! hahaha 

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