Monday, August 10, 2015


hello everyone!!

a lot happened this week from going to zone meeting and having to do a breakout session with everyone, to leading the music and church on sunday and then having it be probably so bad that in relief society they taught everyone how to lead music.... haha and then we got a new bishop bric on sunday and then the elders had a baptism on sunday and so we had to sing at the baptism and make brownies for it, speaking of cooking!! listen to this!! on thursday i cut up sweet potatos, zucchinni, green peppers, and onions and then i put some olive oil and some seasoning on it and popped it in the over and then 10 mins latter it was done and it was so good!!! i was so proud of myself!! im learning how to cook!! and now i know how to make a really good green smoothie:) watch out! when i come home i will be the best cook ever!!:) hahahaha 

then we taught this girl named jaycee who is 17 years old and she before hand didnt believe in god and by the end of our first lesson we invited her to be baptized and she said yes!! she now believes in god!! miracle!! then there is this guy named robert stewart! he is the sweetest guy ever! he is next door neightbors to this less active family named the zambranos and we have dinner with the zambranos every saturday and robert will come over and we started teaching him, and after the first lesson he went home and he didnt have any urges to drink or anything which is awesome becasue he usually will drink everyday!! and he came to church yesterday and in sunday school they totally taught him about the word of wisdom and i was a little nervous but robert pipped in and told everyone about how bad drinking is and all he wants is a family and so we made up a name with the zambranos and robert and us as the watermellon family becasue we always have watermellon. anyways i am going on a rant because i am so happy for robert but he is getting baptized september 5th and we are planing on having watermellon at his baptism and take a picture with the watermellon family!! ahhh!! i am so excited!! he has already said that he knows that it is true and he is progressing so well!! 

then there is this guy named cavin laughlin! we taught him the plan of salvation wednesday and that was the first lesson that we had ever taught him and when we were talking about adam and eve he pipped in and said "so its like laman and lemuel?" it was so weird and when we brought up the 3 kingdoms of glory he had nothing to say! and he already knew about how families can be together forever!! but it went really well and we are going back this tuesday, but we think he might have had the lessons before or he used to be a member or soemthing.... we dont know but hopefully next week i will be able to tell everyone what we have found out!! hahhaa 

anyways thats my week!! i love it out here in vidor! everyone said this area would be hard but i believe that every area is the same just a different battle field because this is gods area not ours:) i love this work, i love being in a trio! we get some much work done! and i love being able to be an instrument in the hands of the lord. i would invite everyone to read, proverbs 3:11-13 then think about something that god is trying to teach you right now and how he does everything out of love:) i love it:) well i love you all!! hope you have a wonderful day!! the church is true!! tell your friends!!

love, sister turpin

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