Monday, July 27, 2015

weeks later

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sorry everyone for getting back to ya'll two weeks later! these past two week have been really crazy! mostly just last week, hahah so sunday the 19th was my birthday and i went over to a members house and she made me chicken salad sandwhiches and then she made me cup cakes and sister castaneda for breakfast she made me homemade banana pancakes with this homemade syrup. it was so good! but other than that i didnt do anything else for my birthday other than the district leader in my district made me brownies and put them by my door so when sister castandea and i got home that night we took them in side and i set them down and while sister castaneda went to the bathroom and i looked over at the brownies and a cockroach was crawling inside! i freaked out and saw that there was 2 inside the brownies!! sister castaneda came out of the bathroom and we both sreamed and ran into our bed room. we then found all the raid that we had and went and sprayed the brownies down with raid. thinking that they were dead we calmed down a little bit and then all of a sudden 1 of the roaches comes crawling out! we both freak out once again and run into our bed room. then we realized that we didnt want to lose it so we came out and saw that it was on my tennis shoe! i would not let sister castaneda spray my shoe with raid so she bumped my shoe and it ran off under a desk thingy i sprayed the roach spray (raid) and the roach came charging out at us! we were about to turn away and run but then realized we couldnt so we quickly turned around and sprayed that roach down to the ground!! hahah our floors were covered in raid!! hahaha after that we called our zone leaders that live just a block down from us to come and save us! them came right over and started looking for the other roach becasue it had crawled out as well when we were killing the other roach.... hahaha awww man you should have seen us! sister castaneda and i were so scared! later that night we moved our beds together scared that a cockroach would crawl on us! hahaha then in the morning we took an hour and half sacrificing our breakfast time and getting ready time to deep clean our apartment!! then we went and did our laundry and studied, then our ward mission leader wanted to feed us lunch so we went over to his place to talk about how we could help the work move forward and then we got a call from president telling us that we need to go pick up a sister in orange named sister tavoian and that she would be with us for 2 weeks because her companion had to go home so we drove all the way to orange to pick up sister tavoian and then went shopping and then went to the bishops house to email on our ipads and learn how to make homemade bread and then before you know it we were there fro 30 mins and thend we had to leave to go to dinner and our p day was over! so i had such a crazy day and had literally no time to email OR write! 

and this week a lot has happened because i am now in a trio we were doing a lot of splits with the members and trying to get as much work done as possible, but i cannot lie i love being in a trio! its so much fun! other than just being squished in our tiny little house thingy! hahaha and then president interviews were this week as well:) 

one thing that i have learned this week is how important it is to put jesus christ at the center of your life and if you do that then you will always be an example that you will be always bring the gospel into your converastions and how this time on the mission is to learn that so that you can be a member missionary the rest of your life and it will become natural! i love this gospel, and i love the knowledge that i have about this gospel. i love you all and i am so grateful for your prayers! the church is true tell your friends!!

love sister turpin 

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