Monday, August 24, 2015

busy week!!

hello everyone!!

this week was a busy week! Monday was zone pday and we went to lake Charles then Tuesday I went on exchanges with this awesome sister named sister ryan, wedesday we went to the temple and the got a new car:) Thursday was weekly planning and so that took up most of our day and Saturday we had a mission conference and a general authority came and spoke to everyone. his name is elder corbridge. he is the one who wrote the 4th missionary. that meeting was so awesome!! he kept asking for a preach my gospel book and so I gave him mine to use and at the end he signed his name in it for me:) I guess he told me that he wasn't supposed to do that but he did:) it was awesome!! hahaha then yesterday we ot a new ward mission leader which is the old bishop, his name is brother hatton and he is so pumped and im excited to see what is going to happen to vidor!!

vidor is progressing so well!! we are teaching this guy named calvin Laughlin and we went and saw him yesterday for like 5 mins to follow up with how his book of Mormon reading has been going and he was like, "the book of Mormon reading is going great! I know that the book of Mormon is true and I cannot deny it!" hahah it was awesome!! he has a date of September 12th so lets pray that he will start coming to church!! then there is this girl that we found this week during hour of power and her name is Theresa! we are seeing her tonight at 7 but we taught her the restoration all the way up to prophets!! then we had to go but before we left she was like, you guys are seriously answering everything that has been on my mind lately!! then we saw her just barley at the library and she said "wow!! I was thinking of yall earlier and then here you are!!, this has to be a sign from god!!" aww man I love this woman and im excited to see where she goes!! she is pen costal and is really good and feeling to spirit!! yaaay!! I love being a missionary!!

let me tell all of you, I know that this gospel is true, this gospel brings more joy and happiness to me than anything else. each day as I learn and grow I learn about how merciful the lord is and how the gospel of jesus Christ is everything! keeping the sabathday holy is so important if you want to receive the best 2 gifts that heavenly father can offer us which is being cleansed of our sins and having the power of god which is the gift of the holy ghost. the sacrament truly testifies that god is so loving and merciful. I love my heavenly father and the blessings that he gives to me everyday even though I don't deserve them. the plan of salvation is perfect for each and everyone of us! there is not 1 flaw to gods plan. I would invite all of you to this sunday think about what the sacrament means to you, and how everytime you take the sacrament you are taking the gifts that heavenly father is freely giving you for exercising your faith in him and in his son jesus Christ. I love you all! I love the knowledge that I have. don't forget you are all sons and daughters of god! you derseve the best!!

love,sister turpin

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