Monday, December 29, 2014

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sister Crump and i on christmas morning

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sister Crump and i's baby:)

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i let sister Crump hold a scorpian.... yep!

Merry Christmas everyone!!,

   this last week was a CRAZY week! first off monday to tuesday was exchanges and i went to humble with this greenie named sister mulivia she is the sweetest girl who is poly!! haha then wednesday was christmas eve and we stayed in all day doing weekly planing while decorating a ginger bread house, and listening to some christmas music:) thrusday was christmas and we got to go email our familys which was so good! i am so happy to hear that my faimily is doing good:) later that day we went and visited people and taught some lessons and did service! and then friday sister Crump and i had a mini missionary! haha we were pregnate! we like to say that i am the mom and that she is the dad:) our babys name was kimberly christoph she is from livingston which is where sister McPherson is serving right now and she was with us from friday till sunday. She was the sweetest girl with such a strong testimony! she is a convert of 2 years and is 16 years old right now:) haha funny thought. So everyone knows that sister Crump and i are pineapples (brown on the out side and blonde on the inside) haha and that we are the funnest coolest people ever!! so we were asking kimberly what she thought about us and she said that we were gangsters!! best complement of my life!! haha anyways she was so nice to get a present for sister Cump and i  and they were the softest cutest blankets ever! ahhh!! 

    billy Endesly, cody endesly and olivia hanson are getting baptized this saturday and emily and billy are getting married this thrusday! so exciting and crazy!! aahhhh i will take so many pictures because i am that excited and i will send them to you all next week! transfer calls are this saturday so on monday i will let you all know if i am getting transfered or not! 

    i just want you all to know how grateful i am for this gospel and for the blessings that god gives us each and everyday! i am so grateful for the priesthood and for living prophets today who lead and guild us and let know know what god wants us to do. God loves us, he loves each and everyone of you! his love will never change! and if we truly love god then we would do follow his commandments, then we would use the atonement everyday and we would keep all of our covenants. please never forget that you are a child of god and that he is always hear to help if we just stretch our hand out and let him help us! i love you all! keep up the good work! the church is true! tell your friends! remember who you are stand for truth and righteousness! return with honor. dont ever forget the coventants that you made with god when you were baptized!!!

love, sister Turpin

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