Monday, December 1, 2014


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this morning i woke up 15 mins early for sister Crumps birthday and decorated her desk and made her break fast and then suprised her with it:)

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hello everyone!

    so many things happened this week! first off on tuesday sister Crump and i were knocking on some apartments because this less active lives there but i didnt know what door was hers so we decided just to knock until we found it, 5 doors after knocking we found her! after we gave the lady a message we thought we would knock some more and from that we got 3 potentials one of them being this lady named Dawn. The next day we were at the church all day helping with this funeral and then going to book of mormon class so when 8 oclock came we raced to get over to dawns house but unfortunately Dawn had stood us up so we decided since we had had so much sucess that we would try to knock on some more doors. the first door we knocked on this 19 year old girl named Vanessa answered it and of course we start off by saying how we are and asking if she would like to hear a brief little message about christ and his gospel, and usually people say ya come back later, but Vanessa was like ya! come on in!! hahah sister Crump and i looked at each other and was like ok!!! hahah it was so funny!! we went in and started to get to know her a little bit and we were asking her all of these questions that we usually wouldnt say and she kept asking all of these questions pertaining to the plan of salvation. i kept thinking about how we always teach the restoration of the gospel first but the plan of salvation just kept coming into my head so i pulled out my little thing that i use when i teach lesson two and we taught her the plan of savlation. it was amazing!! she took it all so well and you could feel the spirit so strong!! after we left sister Crump and i couldnt stop freaking out!! vanessa is so prepare and she is so amazing!! 

   thursday was thanksgiving, sister Crump and i ate with the stewarts and it was so good! but unfortunately they didnt have any kind of potatoes so sister Crump and i after wards went over to the scannells and asked them if we could have some of there leftover potatoes:) hahah 

   Friday our ward had a temple trip and Cindy and Makaeyla got to come and do baptisms for the dead for their first time!! it was such an amazing experience and i am so blessed and grateful that i got to go and be apart of that for Cindy and Makaeyla:) 

    sunday was the day i GOT to give my talk;) hahah sister Crump went first and I went second. while i was waiting there i looked out at everyone and no one was smiling!!! so when it was my turn to give my talk i stood up went to the pulpit and said "wow i am so happy to be at church today, now all i ask before i begin is to see everyone smile because where im standing it looks like im the only one that is happy to be here" everyone laughed and smiled which was nice and then i began my talk. it went really well and after wards i had a lot of people come up to me and tell me how they liked my joke but i was serious! i guess they just didnt get it... hahah anyways 

   one thing i would love to challange everyone for now on is to everynight get down on your knees and thank god for something that you usually take for granted one thing that you can see that god really helps you out in. and i know as you will do this you will see how much god loves you, how much he cares for each and everyone of you, how much he truly does do for you. i love you all so much! and i know sometimes i take you all for granted but i want you to know that you all do so much for me and i am so happy and grateful that i know all of you! your amazing! keep up the good work with being an example to all of those around you.

love, sister Turpin

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