Monday, December 22, 2014

merry christmas!!

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sister Crump helping make cookies, (if you look really close you can tell that sister Crump is really messy!!) hahah

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this is a picture of sister McPherson and all of her babys!!

Merry Christmas everybody!! 

   this last week has been AWESOME! so many things have happened but i will just summarize it all:) so for the past month now sister Crump and i have been meeting with this man named Billy. he is dating this girl who's name is Emily, She was excommunicated but is trying to get back to church! anyways they are living together and they are planing on getting married and Billy wants to get sealed in the temple to Emily.and ever since sister Crump and i have been meeting with Billy we have been praying for a date to invite Billy to get baptized on and january 3rd just kept popping up in our heads so finally last night after teaching billy, and his son Cody and Emily's daughter Olivia we invited him to be baptized! but before all of this Billys home teachers came over and  billy was sick and they offered to give him a blessing. and the spirit was so strong.we asked him about it after, and he told us it was really overwhelming, and then really peaceful.  so we taught him and his family the plan of salvation. such a perfect lesson:) but after we talked to him about getting baptized.. and he was like ya, i want to. and emily started freaking out cuz that means they are getting married!!!!!!!! but also that means they are getting married in the next 2 weeks. billy was like i could do that! we could just get married and make the temple wedding the big one. 
thats not even the best part. 2 of their kids will be getting baptized with them. and then emily will be eligible for baptism in a  year or so and billy will be able to baptize her and then a year after that they will be able to get sealed!! ahhhh!!! and at the end of the lesson emily was in tears and was like, i hope you never forget our family. you have made such an impact on us.!! like wow...... sister Crump and i just couldnt stop freaking out! and it is a christmas miracle because we are getting a baptism for christmas!!! my dreams came true!!! ahhhhh best miracle story ever huh!?

    hahah and this week sister Crump and i also got to go do some service for this place called HAAM. we did some service there for thanksgiving but we also did if for christmas but it was amazing because we got to give out presents to people for there kids and some many were crying afterwards and then sister Crump and i got to make cookies with this family in our ward named the whites:) and after wards we went and handed them out to our investigators and the less actives. then sister Crump and i invited another one of our investigators named sonia to be baptized on january 10 and she said yes! we are going back tuesday night to confirm it with her:) oh and she also came to church yesterday and she loved it!! ahhh!! miracle on top of miracle on top of miracles huh!!? a lot more happened but i can write about it all because im already to sick of typing sorry!! 

   well i love you all! i hope you have a wonderful christmas! be good so that you dont get coal!! 

love, sister turpin

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