Monday, January 5, 2015


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emily and billy got married at the stake center

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billy, cody and olivia were baptized

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michelle one of my favorite investigators ever!!

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my ginger bread house that i made

heeeeeeeyyyy ya'll!!!!

    sorry i still dont say ya'll yet but sooner or later i probably will:) so this week has been CRAZY!!! so thrusday emily and billy got married at the stake center and sister Crump and i were so lucky that we got to go:) then saturday was flush calls and good thing is that we arent getting flushed then saturday billy, cody and olivia were baptized and the service was amazing!! so many people came that we had to go to the chapel to hold everyone and the spirit was so strong! one funny thing. when cody went in the water to get baptized he slipped right before he went under water and so he yelled really loud and it was the funnest things ever!! hahah then sunday all three got confirmed and when had an investigator michelle at church. And if anyone know me i love michelle to death!! like we will be best friends forever! thats how much a love her!:) 

    and on top of the wedding and the baptism this week i was sick and so sister Crump was so nice to let me sleep in for a littly bit on tuesday and then we had to go to family history training with all of our zone and while we were there the lady made all of the missionaries stand up and say who there recent converts were and which ones had become less active. when it was sister Crumps and I's turn which we were the last the lady asked if who had become less active who were recent converts and it was so funny because none of our converts are less active so we were like.... "none" hahah and the lady was so shocked! she then asked us how we did it and we just told her how our ward is so good at fellowshipping people and making them feel loved. 

    then sister Crump got really sick after me and i think i gave it to her which is really sad and then saturday night we got the call and i am getting transfered... im sad to leave but i feel like my work here is done. and i feel as though i am on to new and better things and its alright because sister Crump and i went out on a bang:) 

   well i love you all! i will tell you all where my new area is at and who my new companion is next week but untill then just remember how much god loves you and how you are a child of god. 

love, sister Turpin

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