Monday, December 8, 2014

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my district at the temple

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sister Crump and i at the temple

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yep this is our chirstmas tree that i made! hahah its pretty great:)

you may be wondering why my email title is but its because all of you need to go to it and watch a 2 min. video about jesus christ!! it is so awesome and i think everyone needs to watch it:)

   so this week has been amazing! because the last couple of weeks sister Crump and i have been so busy this week we worked really hard and because of it we now have a baptism coming up on the 21st for this girl named Olivia Hanson. She is the sweetest girl, she 8 and we are hoping that because of her getting baptized her soon to be father will get baptized. i will explain. So this girl named Emily Hanson was excommunicated and she is now coming back to church and is dating/ living with this man named billy. Billy is taking the lessons and wants to get baptized but he knows that he needs to marry Emily before he can get baptized. He is proposing to Emily on new years eve and she knows nothing about it. Now what i want him to do is to propose to her get married a couple of days later and then in a year or two or how ever long it takes then the can get cealed in the temple and they can make that i big and amazing wedding thing:) so sister Crump and i are hoping that with olivia getting baptized (Olivia is Emilys daughter) then Billy will want to get baptized sooner! so he will marry emily sooner!! hahah but we will see:) billy and emily are amazing though!! they come to church every week and billy already has a testimony and yesterday he wanted to get up and bare his testimony but he didnt know if he could because hes not a member yet! but they are truly awesome!! ahhh!! i love their family i just get so giddy over it!:)

   the prophets have promised the missionaries that if they pass out these christmas cards everyday and we have to at least hand out 10 cards a day then we will get new investigators! so you know sister Crump and i took that to heart and one day we passed out 47 cards! yep we were that determined! hahah it was so fun and we now have 4 new investigators which surprisingly is a lot:) and because we were so determined we got the a phone call last night from our zone leaders telling us that we were the best in the zone this week and that we were stealing all of the thunder from everyone else:)

   this last week our zone got to go to the temple and do a session!! it was amazing and afterwards we sat in a room for an hour and had the president of the temple and president drake and sister drake answer questions for anyone who had them. it was amazing:)

   this week has truly been amazing!! i love being a missionary and i love working hard. the church is true!! please go and tell your friends you will truly be blessed for it!:) i love you all!! have an amazing day!!

love sister Turpin.

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