Monday, October 20, 2014

one week down

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 look how long my hair is getting!! im so excited to see how long it will be when i get home!
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last day together with sister McPherson meant eating at dennys!

hey everyone!:)

    well this week started out a little rough! haha not in a bad way at all but i got a new companion named sister Crump and i had heard a lot of rumors about her so i was very nervous but in the end everything has been just great:) haha the week started out rough because i had to lead out the area and it was stressing me out! like really!! i would barely eat anything and i would start feeling sick cause i was that nervous! i actually cried the first two nights that sister Crump and i were put together but luckly sister Crump was so nice about it and she would just hold me and let me know that i could lead out the area and that i was doing a good job. i can tell that sister Crump is a good missionary and i am excited to see where things will take us! all of last week we were trying to do every little that right and be perfectly obedient and i know even though we didnt teach that many lessons we got a lot of return appointments and last night we found a family so we will be going back today to start teaching them! their name is the Garza's the mother speaks spanish and the kids speak english so we are going back tonight to see how things go but we might have to change this familly over to the hermanas to teach just because of the wife but we will see! sister Crump and i also found this lady named Mary Lee and she said we could come back so we should be seeing her sometime this week as well! that means that if everything goes through as planed we will have 7 new investagators and i only know that we had so many blessing because we were being so obedient and diligent! 

   yesterday one of our investagators Debbie came to church. Sister Crump and i had to leave after sacrament though because sister Crump had a baptism in her last area which was woodville and woodville is about 2 hours away from huffman and the baptism was at 1230 but luckly Debbie was ok with us leaving and we made sure that there were people all around to watch over debbie. we actually asked Cindy to fellowship debbie and everything went so great! this week turned out to be such an amazing week with so many blessing and miracles. And even though sister McPherson is gone and i thought i was totally going to ruin this area i have learned that as i stay obedient, work hard and be diligent, and have faith everything will work out:) i love you all so much! thank you for all that you do! your amazing! everyone should go look up the talk " beware of pride"! it is such an amazing talk and i think everyone could benefit from it:) once again i love you all! have a wonderful day! remember you are all children of our loving heavenly father who loves you all so much!!:) 

love, sister Turpin

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