Monday, October 27, 2014

pranks on pranks

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the decoration that lynda gave me:) i love it by the way and yes i am wearing my footie pjs:)
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sister Crump burnt one of her dressed for her 9 month mark

happy halloween everyone!! 

   well there is one story that i have to share with all of you. So a couple of days ago while sister Crump and i were doing personal study sister Crump went to go use the bathroom so i took this opportunity to go grab this little santa that we have in our apartment. his name is sandy by the way.... anyways i put it right by the door to the bathroom and then ran back to my desk to resume my studying. All of a sudden i heard this yell/ sream followed by an oh my gosh!! haha i had totally just scared sister Crump! haha it was so funny! she then proceeds to tell me that she was going to get me back. a few days passed and everynight the district leader calls to check that we have made it in. (oh random fact, my district leaders name is elder sarchet and we went to efy one year together, how crazy is that) anyways sister Crump was on the phone with him and all of a sudden i hear her say, you want to help me play a prank on sister Turpin? i rushed to her to try to figure out what she was planing on doing but unfortunately i didnt hear anything. i decided that i would just be on my guard all the next day. but when morning came i had totally forgotten all about it. Sister Crump and i woke up at 630 just like always and then went out side to do our exercise. we closed the door behind us and started walking when all of a sudden i heard this noise, so i went back to see if our door had opened up or something because sometimes it does that, i looked around and then my eyes went up wards so look up the stairs and bam!! i saw a pair of feet on the stairs! it scared my to death! i ran to sister crump and said " oh my gosh there is someone up stairs!!" ha we start walking and i look back and there is two guys with hoodies on and i turn back around quickly and say to sister Crump "theres two guys back there!" i try to start walking faster but sister Crump just kept walking slow! i looked back again, the two guys were following us!! i was like, "who would be up at 630 in the morning!?" i look back again and they were still following us, i then thought to myself, what if they are going to rape us!! sister Crump and i turned the corner, and i yelled "RUN!!" haha i then took off as fast as i could and sister Crump was right behind me finally i stopped running and said " i think we lost them!!" we started walking doing our workout and sister Crump just kept looking back! i asked her why she kept looking back and then after about 5 mins i realized, everything just clicked in my head and i yelled out loud, "are those the elders!?" haha sister Crump then started busting out laughing. sister Crump totally got me!! haha i started laughing to and we started to walk back to our apartment to find the elders. i guess Sister Crump had asked them to just wear all black and then during our workout to just follow us like creepers and let me tell you it totally worked!! haha so you will have to give me ideas of how i can get sister Crump back. well i love you all! sorry i have to get off but i want you to all know that i love you!!

love, sister Turpin 

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