Tuesday, October 14, 2014


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 i stuffed 10 big fat grapes in my mouth when i was at the misbachs home
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this is my view everyday as we drive over the bridge
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kaitlyn's baptism and were teaching her mom right now who is in that picture:)

hey everyone!

    well this last week was a crazy week! tuesday i was sick and so sister McPherson insisted that i stayed in and slept so that i could get better so all day long i did nothing!! just kidding, no we did a lot of crafts and ate a lot of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins that we made monday during p-day. and slept! yep then thursday we got to go to the church and watch the movie "meet the mormons" it was so good!!! like ahhh!! haha everyone needs to go and see this movie if they havent already. friday was zone conference and the zone leaders and sister training leaders did such a great job! like wow! there meeting was all about how we were called from god to come down to the texas houston east mission and find those people that god has been specifically been preparing for us. and how we need to be bold in inviting people to repentance because we have so many people to back us up. i loved it! then saturday was transfer calls. i guess the AP's call the zone leaders and then the zone leaders call the district leaders and then the district leaders call the missionaries and tell them who is getting transfered. when we got that call that night we found out that sister McPherson was getting transfered and that i was going to have to lead out the area.... how scary is that!!!? ya sister McPherson and i stayed up almost all night long crying and then we had to wake up at 5 the next morning to go to a ward council meeting that was at 630 so that sucked! then a little bit of sunday and all of monday sister McPherson had time to pack her stuff up which was so weird! today was transfer meeting and how we do it in this mission is all the missionaries and their companions go to the stake center and theres this video that plays and afterward President Drake stands up and starts reading off who your companion is going to be and the area that you are going to serve in so ya! we dont know anything until tuesday. So i now have a new companion named sister Crump she is from highland utah and has been out for about 9 months now. She seems very sweet and nice but im a little nervous because i have heard that she is not that obedient and stuff so we will see how things go!! wish me all good luck and pray that we will get along and work well together because im going to need it! anyways i love you all so much!! oh ya! i almost forgot!! kaitlyn got baptized this saturday and things went really well! but i love you all! thank you for all that you do for me! i very much appreciate it:)

love sister Turpin

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