Monday, November 3, 2014

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hello everyone!,

    well a lot of things happened this week. Wednesday was our wards trunk or treat/ chili cook off which was really fun! we couldnt really dress up so sister Crump and i just dressed up like each other and switched name tags for the night. Then the atascocita elders and us huffman sisters got to judge the costumes for everyone and there were so many good costumes that we picked three and after we took a picture with the winners because they were that AWESOME! then halloween day all missionaries had to be back in their apartments by 7 so sister Crump and i thought we would have a little party and watch familys can be together forever.... i think that's what the name of the movie was.... anyways it was this funny littly movie that was made in the 80's so as you can probably guess it was very cheesy. Then saturday was the adult session of stake conference and president drake and sister drake came up and spoke. President drake made all the missionaries stand up and then made all of the returned missionaries stand up and then made all of the other people stand up who have a calling in the church. It was amazing because when he asked for all of the returned missionaries to stand up more than half the people stood up. It was a sight to see! he then made everyone sit down and said. " now look you all have a purpose in missionary work, you ALL need to go out and talk to people with out you the missionaries are nothing!" it was crazy! all of the talks that night were on missionary work and how we as members and missionaries can come together and help the lords work show. Right after that they reminded us about day light savings time and how we would be gaining an hour. Sister Crump and i took this to heart and thought " AWESOME! THE ONE DAY IN OUR MISSION WHEN WE WILL BE ABLE TO SLEEP IN!" our alarm clock was on our phone so we just figured that the phone would change at midnight and everything would be good. The next morning the alarm went off at 630 and we woke up and just layed in bed since it was sunday and we dont exercise on sundays..... i then started taking some pictures of sister Crump because it ws freezing in our apartment and she looked funny:) haha we finally got up got ready and then began our studys at 8 we were studying and i decided to look at the phone and to my suprise the time on the phone said 720! i then hurried and called the elders and asked what time it was they then asked me what time i thought it was! i then replied is it 720 or 820 just tell me! they then told me it was 720.... sister Crump and i couldnt believe it.... the one day we could take advantage of our sleep and instead we woke up an hour to early... ya it was awful! but we learned our lesson!! haha then at stake conference they changed up the stake presidency so that was fun to watch and we went with a less active named sandy bond so it was so good to have her there, to see sister McPherson because she is in my stake and then to see some of the quorum of the 70 come and speak to everyone. sorry there is so much! just so much happened this week! i love you all! i will tell you how things go spiritually next week since i am out of time but i love you all your amazing! remember that god loves you and that you are all children of god destined for something amazing. the church is true tell your friends:)

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