Monday, August 18, 2014

10 days to baptism

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this is sister McPerson and her two daughters from zone conference, (me, sister McPerson, and sister Matrin)

hello everyone!!,

    Well last week was a crazy week!! first off it was new missionary tranning which went well for me!! so everyone is supposed to memorize the joseph smith first vision, and i dont mean just the part where joseph is in the grove, but like verses 10-17 so there is a lot to memorize.... but we got there and president Drake asked one of us the recite the first vision to everyone else, soooo i called my self to do it. it was so scary!! BUT I DID IT!! after that all us new missionarys (there are 20 of us) went into a room to pass off the first vision and the how to begin teachings once we were done we all went back into our room, and president drake said "who ever passed off the joseph smith vision stand up" only three people stood up including me. those people that stood up got a book mark and inside the book mark there is a leaf from the sacred grove. then we sat down and president drake said "everyone stand up who passed off the "how to begin teaching" " i was the only person who stood up!! it was crazy!! out of 20 people i was the only one!! i felt so good because i have been working my butt off to get those down. so that was new missionary training.

     new missionary training was on wednesdayfriday we had zone conference, where they check our car and we have a meeting from 8 am to 4 pm...... yaaa it was a loooog day!! but friday starts the 10 days to baptism for Cindy and two of her kids!! now your probablly wondering what 10 days to baptism are so i will tell you, it is were you see that investigator everyday until there baptism and you do something different everyday to prepare that investigator for their baptism.

     saturday is biking day, where you try to bike as much as you can, but the problem is that our area is so big that we cant really bike to much, anyways it was 930 and sister mcperson and i were walking our bikes back up to the apartment and i had the keys so i was trying to unlock the door, when all of a sudden a bug flys down my shirt under neath my GARMENTS!! I started to freak out and i run in side screaming saying there is a bug in my shirt!!! and the whole intire time sister mcpherson is saying sister turpin you have to get your bike! haha finally i find the bug and smash it and bug guts go everywhere on my garments. the bug drops onto the ground and sister mcpherson goes, oh you did have a bug in your shirt. like ya i did!! it scared me to death!! and it was a pretty big bug too. 

    with that i am going on splits tonight and all of tuesday, the only thing that sucks about that is that i will be staying here and leading out the area, and i just got my driving privileges so i dont know the area AT ALL!! and its 10 days to baptism and i have no clue what to do... so pray for me because im going to need it. and on top of everything the cooler broke last night so the apartment is really hot right now:( but i can do it!! i have to stay positive!!  pray for me cause im going to need it!

    i love you! be safe and remember that you can all be missionaries right now, if there is ever a chance to help our missionaries do it!! ward members are the biggest help to us missionaries.

oh one more thing that is cool is that elder cook is coming to speak to the missionaries this saturday so that will be in the morning and latter that night will be cindy, makaeyla, and josh's baptism. so i have a crazy day/ week. and a fun little thing you should know, is that everyone here likes to make lasagna because i have had it 8 times in the past 2 weeks from the people in our ward and then they have been giving us left overs so all we practically have in our fridge is lasagna.... yep!! 

love your sister turpin girl!! 

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