Monday, August 4, 2014

8/4/14 Mini missionary

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 so this family that we teach has like a zoo in there back yard so the first picture is of me and an ostrich the second one is me and peacock and the third picture is of me and a liemer? sorry i cant spell.... ps. i was eatting a sucker and that is why my tongue is red

hello everybody!!

   this week sister McPherson and I had a mini missionary with us! for those of you who dont know what that is, its these girls that are usually 17 or 18 who go to a different stake and stays with the missionaries from Tuesday night, till sunday, and they do everything with us. they follow the rules they are seriously a missionary for a week! anyways her name was Kira Manns, ya i know she has the same name as me!! crazy huh!? it was really confusing because everyone would call her Kira and i would think they were talking to me but i had to remember that my name is no longer Kira for the next 18 months.... haha anyways she is a recent convert to the church. she has been a member for about a little over a year now, shes 17, black, and wants to go on a mission when shes 19. she leaves in Houston so about 45 mins away from me!

     this week was a crazy week! sister McPerson and I went to Cindys house (investigator) and helped her clean her house. she lives in an old trailer house and there are cockroaches everywhere!!! it freaks me out!! i think i told all of you about her last week and how she used to be a skin head/ Nazi she has tatoos ALL over her and lets just say she has had one tuff life. anyways shes getting baptized on august 23rd and we just started to teach 3 of her kids so we are hoping that the whole family will get baptized the only person in the family that doesnt want anything to do with us missionaries is this girl named rhannian shes 13 and all she does all day is sleep. but i think she is starting to come around.  Cindy and her family have gone to church 2 weeks in a row which is awesome, i have seen so many blessing come into her life already as she has been following what we teach her. 

    yesterday was fast and testimony meeting and lately i have been trying to figure out what the difference is between my thoughts and the holy ghost speaking to me, i have been praying to know and yesterday i have this feeling that i should go up and bare my testimony. now mind you i havent gone up to bare my testimony since i was 8 years old. plus i didnt really know anyone in the ward still. i was freaking out!! i didnt want to bare my testimony!! but then i thought, how is god going to trust me if i dont listen to the promptings that he gives me!? so i finally went up and bore my testimony. need less to say i am so proud of myself for doing that!! like fist pump in the air!! haha

    anyways my time is almost up. i hope you all liked my email!! there are so many things that go on through out the week that i just cant remember it all. i love you all, stay safe, remember the church is true, tell your friends. and be proud to be a mormon, we know that truth and we need to share it will others.

love, sister Turpin.

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