Monday, August 11, 2014

8/11/14 Weekly #3

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1. this is Cindy with 2 of her kids makaeyla and joshua after church yesterday.
2. the bugs love me here......
3. this is sister mcPherson and I if you were wondering:)

hello everybody!,

       this week has gone by fast! not to much has happened, but all the things that have happened have been good. Cindy is getting baptized on the 23rd of august which is in two week! her son josh will hopefully be getting baptized with her and her oldest daughter Makaeyla will too but if Makaeyla is not ready by the 23rd then she will for sure be getting baptized a couple of weeks after. Cindys family is changing so much its a miracle! they haven't missed 1 Sunday yet, and they are starting to do things that we haven't even taught about! like for example, they have been doing family home evening, living the word of wisdom, and trying to dress more modestly!

       on tuesday Sister McPherson and i went over to this investigators house names Claudia, she is the lady that i asked to be baptized my first day here in the mission field. anyways since that day we haven't been able to get in with her because she has been seriously sick! her stomach has been paralyzed for two years now which means she cant take that many foods into her stomach, and the pupils in her eye shake back and forth so she constantly feels like she is disey, and makes her throw up at least once a day. because her stomach is paralyzed she cant get sick or else its hard for her to get better because she can't get the vitamins that she needs. So for the last 2 months she has had mono and the flue. finally sister Mcpherson and i felt like claudia need a priesthood blessing, we fasted for her Wednesday and she received the blessing Thursday. it was such a powerful blessing! it commanded Claudia to be healed. and that she would be healed in the next couple of weeks but Claudia hast to read her scriptures and pray everyday. we haven't gotten the chance to see her since that day but we are going to go see Claudia tomorrow. 

      i love this church and ALL the blessings that come from it. i truly see a blessing in one of our investigators on the daily!! i love you all and i hope you are looking for the blessings that gives you everyday, because i know that he gives them to you, you just have to look for them, i love and miss you all but i know this is where i need to be right now. the church is true tell your fiends, you need know! you might be helping someone save their salvation.

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