Monday, July 28, 2014

7/28/14 Week #1

  well its my first week here in texas!!my area is Huffman which is 30 mins. from the mission home which is nice. my address is

8311 FM 1960 E
Atascocita TX, 77346

        I would love to receive some letter and packages!!!;) so my first day I got here it was pretty over whelming..... I was at the mission home and everyone was so tried that they finally let us all take a nap. the mission president and his wife are just the sweetest thing ever. They didn't really know what they were doing since their new so there was a lot of people to help them out. the humidity here is..... whats the word, HOT but its ok because I have both a bike and a car so in the morning and night my companion and I ride bikes and in the day time when its hot we drive our car.

       The next day I found out who my companion was. Her name is Sister McPherson she is just the cutest girl and shes always happy. She has about 6 more months on her mission and then she goes home or as I have learned out here in the mission she gets killed off..... pretty sad huh? ya I know. hahah anyways I found out that you can only write on your P day which doesn't give me that much time so sorry if it takes a couple of weeks for me to respond back but I DO want the letters so send them!!! one other cool thing about my companion is we are like twins. were both left handed, we are obsessed with sugar, we love all the same kinds of food, we both love to talk to stangers which is a good thing, and she is from north Dakota.

       my first full day here on my mission we were teaching this lady named Claudia and I invited here to be baptized and she said YES!! it was awesome!! she going to be baptized on 8/23/2014
then theres this girl names Cindy she used to be a skin head and did all these carzy things she has tattoos everywhere but we invited her to be baptized on Friday and she said yes and then her had her kids came to church and so did this other lady/ investigator named lynell it. it has been an amazing week and we now have 4 baptisms in the month of august so that cool huh!?

       well I don't have anymore time or else I would tell you more, but I want you to know that I love you all and I cant wait to hear from you. the church is true tell your friends and then remember how blessed you are.

                                                           love, sister Turpin
ps. I hate the bugs here.
pps. but I still havnt seen a cockroach so that's good!:)
ppps. and so far I havnt had any weird food so that's also good!:)

I love you all stay safe and remember who you are. you are all children of God.

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