Monday, March 2, 2015

well sorry everyone! i dont have to much time but! let me tell you all a little but about my week:)

   so it started out a crazy week where all of our teaching pool was vanished! it was awful but because of that we had a lot of free time on our hands to go out and do a lot of finding! haha which is sister Burgonye's favoirte... not! she hates that but it was good because it got to teach her how to learn how to talk with everyone. you know the whole teach when you find, find when you teach kind of thing. From that though we was so many miracles! we found some awesome people and we are excited for the miracles that lay ahead from all of these people:) 

   one of our investigators name is Michelle Vanwinkle she is related to Annette Vanwinkle who is a recent convert. Well we started teaching Michelle about 2 weeks ago and a little bit of a back ground story for her is that she was born and raised in salt lake city, has always loved the mormons and what they believe, is in her late 50's i believe and is married to this man that doesnt believe in God because one of his children was kiddnaped rapped and killed and then left on the streets. So thats a little back ground of Michelle. Anyways the first time we meet her we taugh her about the restoration all the way up to prophet but then she had to hurry and go to the doctors so we didnt get to finish or less but before we left she asked for a book of mormon. then this past week sister Burgoyne and i got back in with her and she told us that she prayed and got an answer and that she has been reading the book of mormon from the begining and she is now in Mosiah. isnt that just awesome! we then taught her the rest of the restoration and she just kept saying it just all makes sense! we then intived her to be baptized and she said yes! so that is where we are at right now with michelle vanwinkle so we will see if everything goes as planed! but what i learned from this experience this week is that even though times can be hard and things if you just keep working hard and have faith that god will then put little tender mercies and miracles in our lifes everyday we just have to be looking for them. 

   other than that i cant really think of anything else that happened this week! the weeks just start blending together and i cant think of what all happened! but i just want everyone to know how much i love this gospel and the work of the lord. to see peoples faces light up when they have the knowledge of the gospel is so breathe taking a rewarding thing ever. I love the plan that god has for each and everyone of us and i know he loves us each specifially and knows us personally. i know this because i see it everyday in my own life. i love you all and i thank you all for you sweet prayers and kind love words. yall are the best! did you see that i put yall in there? im trying to wrok on it;) haha until next time! remember tell you friends about the church! be an example be a missionary by being someones friend! god will do the rest i can promise you that. i love you all!!

love, sister Turpin

ps. sorry no pictures this week i was to busy!!

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