Monday, February 23, 2015

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sister Burgoyne and i in the car today:)

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michael at his baptism and his mom

hey yall! long time no see!!
    so i am going to keep this email pretty short because i dant have a lot of time today, but last saturday was michael LeDoux's baptism and it was an event to see! hahah Michael has ADHD so he struggles with somethings in life but, on saturday went he got baptized he started freaking out for a second because he once almost drowned and so getting in water was just a little scary for him but in the end he held back his fears and and was brave and was baptized, then the next day in church in his blessing when he recieved the gift of the holy ghost in his blessing it told him that if he read from the book of mormon everyday that he would grow up and be able to function normal which was a huge blessing! it practically told him that he would be heal so from that sister Burgoyne and i are going to go over atleast 2 times a week and read with him because we want this blessing to come to pass and actually happen! but isnt that just an amazing blessing!?
   then the other day sister Burgoyne and i went over to a less actives house who is trying to come back and asked him if we could practice lesson 1 on him, he said yes and we started and i remind you, it ws sister Burgoynes first time, but we start and he just starts freaking out! like both her and me just wanted it cry it was awful! so then the next day we went over to a recent converts house and asked her if we could practice the first lesson on her, but her brother was there so then we asked him if we could practice on him. he is not a member and has same gender atraction so we start and eveything just feel into place! it was amazing! and you could just see everything click in his eye! i had the prompting to invite him to be baptized but for some reason i didnt because i was like, hes gay! but we did invite him to pray about it and after we invited him to pray about it, he paused and said,"before i pray about it, what is the churches stand on same gender atraction?" we told him how we are not here to judge one another and how we are suposed to love one another no matter what! but that we do believe that a man and a woman are to be together.
    he told us he would pray about it and we left and in the car ride home sister Burgoyne was like, i felt like we were suposed to invite him to be baptized but i didnt because hes gay... and i was like "me too!!" ahhh it was awful! we both had recieve a prompting from the spirit and we didnt follow it! it was awful because we didnt follow it but it was also wonderful because we learned form our mistake and we know we will NOT do that next time.
   anyways i have to go but here is a picture of michael at his baptism and his mom, and then here is a picture of sister Burgoyne and i in the car today:) i love you all! remember who you are, stand for truth and rightousness, and return with honor. and dont forget who cares what people think. only care what God thinks because that is all that matters:)
love, sister Turpin

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