Monday, March 30, 2015

conference is THIS WEEK not last:)

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only in the south do you find things like this.. i love it:)

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sister Burgoyne and i eating alligator.

haha sorry everyone i thought conference was last week but i just got confused with women's conference and things soo some things that happened this past week.. sister Burgoyne and i were taken out for a treat monday night and we went to this really nice restoration where we got to try alligator bits and then have dinner. everything on the menu was sea food except for 1 thing so of course i got that 1 thing which was chicken:) ahha i totally thought i had gotten out of eating sea food until the member who took us out sister Mattheson said "here! try my scallops, they are so good!" so of course i had to try it and it was disgusting!! haha i dont know if i have mentioned it or not but i have had a lot of sea food down here in lake charles and let me tell you i think the lord is trying to humble me with liking sea food but so far i still do not like it!! but the alligator wasnt to bad! everyone was right, it did taste like chicken but i couldnt get over the fact that i was eating a creature that eats rotten meat... haha 

  womens conference was amazing!! i loved it all and it was really fun cause the stake here put on the beautiful dinner and then did this craft and service project and then we are went in and watched conference together which was fun:) everyone is asking me where i will be watching conference at so we are going to be watching conference at some investigators homes naming samuel white, and michelle vanwinkle and then a recent convert named andrea lytle and and members home named sister Trahan. i am so excited for conference!! its going to be so good!! i feel as though conference for a missionary is like Christmas for them:)

   some cool things that happened this week are, sister Burgoyne and i got a media referral named andrea robinson and we went and contacted her Saturday, she told us that she wanted to learn what we believe because she is searching for something and she believes that there hast to be 1 true church... sister Burgoynes and i just were so amazed!! we are going back to see her this wednesday and we are so excited!! hahaha michelle is working on trying to quite smoking so we will see! so far she hasnt come to church which stinks but thats alright because sooner or later she will:) cynthina fusilier is doing good:) we have only meet with her once and she seems really promising:) james morris has been so busy that we haven't seen him since he came to church 2 weeks ago but we text him and he has been praying and reading when he gets a chance which is awesome:) bray is so amazing!!! he just arrived in Georgia last night and he texted us and asked if we could give him some reading assignments or things he can look up which is a huge miracle!! he is so prepared its not even funny!!! plus he is planing on watching conference this weekend and is really excited about it:)

   sister Burgoyne and i are really excited about conference this week end and easter, haha we are planning to die Easter eggs with our neighbor today named shea, we went out for lunch last week with her, she is 23 years old and is pregnant, her boy friend and her live together and i guess her dad is Mormon. she wants to feed us sometime and sister Burgoyne and i are planing to start teaching her and her fiances, they are so prepared and they are the cutest couple ever!! ahha 

  things are going really good her in lake Charles:) and the weather just keeps getting better and better:) i hope you all go to conference this weekend with a question in mind and a desire to do what the prophet and the apostles say, and i know as you do you will have a better understanding of what god wants you to do at this time. i love you all so much! have a bless week! (thats what the people in the south say) and know that i and heavenly father love you:)

love, sister Turpin 

ps. i just got called to be a sister training leader.... 

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