Monday, March 23, 2015

conference week!

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me and my good old pal, elder heaps! we went to high school together and we are now in the same zone!:)

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my food for st patricks day:) a holiday cookie and a green rap:)

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hey everyone!!

   from what i can remember st. patricks day was this last week? that or all of my weeks are just blending together.anyways sister Burgoyne and i dressed all up for the occasion:) 

   just some random things that happened... first off this 89 year old lady this week asked me if i was pregnate... i said "no, why do i look like it!" and she just answered with a "no".... yep so that made me feel good about myself. then on thursdaywe had zone conference all the way up in Beaumont texas and that was an hour and a half away from lake Charles so we were there all day but they announced  that we will be getting i pads sometime in may so we will see if that happens! also we got black boxes in our cars now. i dont know if yall know what a black box is but it speaks to you of how you are driving and corrects you if you go to fast or turn to sharp or really if you are just doing anything wrong and then it reports it back up to the church and if you are driving to crazy then the church can take away your driving privileges.. so its a good thing that that black box hasnt talked to me yet! 

   other than all of those random facts this past week was pretty good other than almost all of our appointments falling through and then not really being in our year for about 2 days worth we still saw a lot of miracles.

   for instance this lady last week came up to sister Burgoyne and i and asked if we were the mormon missionaries. we told her yes and she said. "my name is sabrina Dowies am not active in the church right now but i want to start coming back and i have been looking for the missionaries" haha we asked her where she lives and she said "lake charles" then we told her, were your missionaries!! we got her number and we are going to start teaching her the lessons again and get her coming back to church:)

  then there was a media referral that sister Burgoyne and i got a couple of weeks ago and we had been trying to call her and get a hold of her but she never answered so st patricks day we went and contacted down her street and when we got to her house (oh her name is cynthia fuslier) she opened the door and said come on in! as though she knew that we were coming! we went in and started talking to her and we asked her how we found our website! she said she didnt know what we were talking about and doesnt know any mormon but said that we could come back and teach her which is what we are doing tomorrow! ahha i truly believe that god gave sister Burgoyne and i a referral for cynthia because who else could have referred her? right? right!:)

   also our ward mission leaders name is brother caple hes only about 28 years old and hehas a friend named Bray, bray used to live in utah and has got to temple square a couple of time and loves it there!! he told us of all of these times where he has been with mormon and he came to church yesterday and got a church tour. he love sacrament so much and said that it was business like and spiritual at the sametime! sister Burgoyne and i are trying to start teaching him but he wants to learn for himself but yesterday he met witht the bishop and the bishop advised him to start meeting with us missionaries. hes in the milary and he is going on a mission somewhere this saturday but he said that he is going to watch general conference and is really excited!! haha afterward he text brother caple and said "aww man i feel so good!! thank you so much for everything bro! your my hero!!" i know that bray is so prepared and i just want to start teaching him!!! so please keep him in all of your prayers because i know that one day he will join its just the when factor right now!

well my time is up! here are some pictures of what are week was like! enjoy and dont forget to prepare yourself for general conference this week end! i love you all!! remember who you are stand as truth and righteousness return with honor! and dont forget to always be an example to those around you, you never know who is watching.

love, sister Turpin

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