Monday, February 2, 2015

miracle upon miracles

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this is the spanish family that i talk about.

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these kids that we started teaching look how fat that kid looks!! haha hes only 3 but hes so cute and funny!!! hahaha

hey yall!

   hahah so this past week has been an amazing week:) sister To'o and i saw so many miracles!! first off we got 4 referrals which is awesome because we havent been getting any and then yesterday we had 7 investigators come to church!! yaaay!!!! one being a family of 5. they are from Honduras and the mom and dad only speak spanish and there kids speak english. we would pass them off the the hermas but we dont have any missionaries that speak spanish out here so we get to teach them! luckly enough we have a lot of people in our ward who speak spanish and they can translate for us so yesterday we taught them the first lesson and they are feeding us honduras food this wednesday which is nerve racking and exciting all at the sametime. they are such a wonderful family with such high standards.

    then we got a referral and we went to go call up the lady and the lady told us that she feels like she has always been a mormon at heart and we are seeing her this saturday:) 

    every other saturday we do this thing with all of the missionaries in our mission called the spoken pedal where we go out and ride our bikes and in lake charles we have the north side which is the sketchy side and not one member lives there and then we have the south side which is where the church is and where we live. anyways sister To'o and i went and road our bikes on the north side and everyone we passed would be like, look!! theres a white girl!! haha it was so weird to be in that prospective! haha then sister To'o and i talked to these guys and at first they were kind of making fun of us which i didnt really realize until afterwards but while we were talking to them sister To'o did a rap and it was the coolest thing ever! the best part was, was that we just kept baring our testimony and even though they didnt want to listen afterwards they were really nice to us and told us some places that we shouldnt go down because they are so sketchy.

    we found so many people that have been prepared by the lord and im excited to see the fruits of mine and sister To'o's labor come to life:) this area is so blessing and i know that as sister To'o and i keep having faith and are obedient while being diligent then great things can happen. thank you so much for all of your prayers! i love you all! the church is true! tell your friends, be an example to all those you come in contact with and the lord will not just bless them but he will bless you as well.

love, sister Tupin

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