Monday, February 9, 2015

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for all of you lord of the rings fans look at this sign that i found!!! hahaha

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last monday sister To'o and i just went and explored down town lake charles and there is this cool wall that saids all of these things that people want to do before they die so of course we took a picture by it and same with all of these other buildings.

hello everyone!!,

    hahaha well a lot of things have happened this week! first off i had exchanges so i went to orange texas for the day with this greenie missionary. i know her name but i dont know how to spell it so i will just call her sister:) anyways while we were together i was so happy and excited that i didnt have to drive for the day because ever since ive been with sister To'o i have to drive everyday because she doesnt have a licence. so im with sister (greenie) and were in orange texas and all of a sudden we get pulled over!! hahahah i started laughing so hard! this girl who is a police officer comes up and she is wearing a cow girl hat which i thought was so funny and i told her how pretty she was but i wouldnt have that so in the end sister (greenie) just got a warning and i guess this sister has really bad ADHD so she called up this elder who is over all of the cars in the mission field and told him that she didnt feel comfortable driving so in the end i had to drive.... ahahha i guess i should have seen it coming. then we had stake conference and zone meeting which was all in orange so i was in orange for 3 days!! hahaha it was weird to be back in texas and see donut shops on every corner again! 

   transfer calls are this saturday so i will find out if sister To'o or i will be getting transfered. i hope neither of us will!! so everyone cross your fingers!!!! 

   there are probablly other things that happened this week but i cant think of all that happened because i wasnt in my area for half of the week but i love you all!! here are some pictures of me and sister To'o together finally!! 

love, sister Turpin

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