Monday, January 26, 2015

hello everyone!,

    well this has been a hard working week!! this week we had president interviews and some training on how we should be planning for things. everything went very well and sister To'o and i are excited to see the blessings that are going to come from everything we learned. We found out that there used to be two ward here but now there is only 1 so we have decided that we are going to make a second ward:) hahaha we have to drive, we have the motivation now we are going to work hard and trust that the lord will bless us for it and help our dreams come to life:) 

    tomorrow we have a funeral for this less active and sister To'o and i have the privilege of singing at it!! hahaha also im going to ask if sister To'o and i can give a talk in church so that the members can get to know us a little more and trust us:) the ward here is very nice but i really want to get to know them and see what i can do to help them. 

   the weither here has been pretty nice! somedays its REALLY cold and other days its perfect! saturday was a great day and sister To'o and i went and rode our bikes! that day we contacted 26 people and im excited to go back and see the miracles we see as we teach these people:)

   sorry theres nothing to exciting to write about this week! and we were so busy that i didnt have time to take pictures but hopefully it will be better next week!! we are teaching this little boy named michael leDuex and he has a date to be baptized febuary 21st so hopefully everything will go as planned!! i love you all! thank you for your prayers and love for you! yall are the best!! yep.... i said yall..... im trying really hard to speak the language here:) haha

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