Monday, January 12, 2015


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this was my last zone:).... i miss all of them!!! now im out in the country and i dont see any missionaries!!:(

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me and my baby from my king cake!

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sister To'o

hey yall!!

 hahah so i am now in Louisiana, and in the white hand book it talks about how we need to talk in our mission language so im trying really hard to say yall and fixen and fina but we will see how long this lasts!! hahaha

   so this week was transfers, the day before was pday and the missionaries were playing basketball and the ball was in the air and i tried to catch it or something but instead it just nicked my finger. so of course my finger starts hurting so i ask sister Crump to kiss it better but it that didnt help at all:( the rest of the day my finger was just swelling up and getting all bruised and so at transfer meeting i asked to doctor what was wrong with it and he told my that i sprang my finger and that i tore so ligaments... yep so i just had to be really careful with it and not play any sports that have balls with them for the next couple of weeks... ahahah 

   then i found out that i was supposed to be in a trio and that i was supposed to be training this visa waiter but in the end she got her visa and so im not in a trio luckily!! haha 

   now Louisiana.... what can i say, the area has been lacking and everything was very disorganized here but luckly my companion sister To'o (shes poly and she is from las vegas) was nice enough to let me organize everything and there arent a lot of people that we are teaching but thats ok because we have faith that we are going to see a lot of miracles and baptize the world!!! hahaha the ward here is nothing like huffman but i can see a lot of potential for the ward and i have a lot that i learned in huffman that i think will help me gain the trust of the members here:) 

   i havent had any weird food yet down here except the other day i had this thing called a king cake! so mardi gra is really big down here so everytime around madi gra they have this weird cake that is kind of like a cinnamin roll with frosting on top and inside of the cake there is this little baby of baby jesus! now who ever gets the baby has to buy the next king cake and so on and so forth! haha so i was really worried that i was going to get the baby! and guess what!? i got the baby!! haahah yep but the good thing is, is that who ever gets the baby i guess also gets good luck! awesome huh!? haha 

    haha i hope you have a wonderful week full of miracles and blessings as you strive to follow jesus Christs example. i love you all! opps!! i mean i love yall so much! the church is true! tell your friends be an example all around you!

love, your favorite sister Turpin:)

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