Wednesday, July 16, 2014

7/16/14 MTC

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 so I have lasted one week in the mtc. what can i say? I have loved it. I have two companions named sister scott who is from kays ville utah, and sister Dahle who is from Portland Oregon. they are both going to the north carlolina mission so I'm the only sister in my district or zone that is going to the Houston Texas mission.

     I leave the mtc on Monday the 21st at 4:05 am and my plane leaves at 9:20 am so i will be staying at the airport for a couple of hours. 

     I have 6 elders in my district and they are all going to the same mission as I am so I'm trying to get to know them really well so when I arrive in Houston i will be able to have some friends:) some cool things that have happen while my time in the mtc have been memories that i will never forget. one of them being, my companion sister Dahle asked the elders in our district to give her a blessing last night because she has been having a hard time sleeping, so they all came together and to give her a blessing and mind you they had only once ever before this given a blessing to someone else, but when they all came together to give her that blessing you could just see how they all had the same faith and purpose to be able to help out sister Dahle. I started to crying just thinking about how blessed I am to know that if I am ever in need of a blessing or anything in general that the priesthood would be able to help me out with that. 

     I love being here at the mtc, and i have loved getting to know my two companions, i will miss them dearly when it is time to go our own ways, i am so blessed that i get to go out and serve my heavenly father for 18 months.

     Mom thank you sooo much for all of your packages they have been such a great help and they make my day! Dad i cant believe you wrote me a HAND WRITTEN LETTER!!!!!!! like wow! i couldn't believe it!!! it was amazing!! thank you so much for your love and support.

     I want to invite all of you who read this to get down on your knees tonight and TRULY talk to your heavenly father, he loves you and wants to hear from you!, i know this church is true, i wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't!! and i am so blessed to know that i can directly go to my heavenly father and speak to him about anything and everything. i love you all and i hope next week i will remember more of what happened so that you can get some more information into what is happening in my life. i love you all, the church is true, tell your friends.

                                                                                  love, sister Turpin

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