Monday, July 21, 2014

7/21/14 Arrival

well my first area is Huffman!:) I love it here! its so amazing and the people are all so kind!! my first night I got here when I had to stay at the mission home I got really home sick specially because I was the only sister and all the others sisters were Spanish speaking so none of them really spoke to me but since then when I got my new companion I have been great!! I love me companion we are like twins mom twins!! haha we keep forgetting to take pictures so hopefully we will be better at that this week and next week you will get more pictures. my address is

8311 FM 1960 E #1413
atascocita, TX 77346

I love the socks so you should send me some more if that's ok for my flats, and I will be sending a box home full of things that I brought that I don't need ok? I love you so much!! your the best mom ever!! tell everyone I say hi and I want them to send me some pictures either in letters or on the computer. tell dad I say hi and to write me and tell Lynda and everyone at the shop hello for me. I love you!!

                                                       love, sister turpin

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