Monday, December 21, 2015

merry Christmas!

hello everyone!! another week gone by, and let me say, it was a busy week but a wonderful week:)

this week I got to go on exchanges with sister pace, my last companion and she is now training:) how exiting!! and that was a joyful time:) then Wednesday was our Christmas conference with 176 missionaries, and it was so fun to see all of my old companions and take pictures with them all! and then to be able to actually talk to people this year!! hahah I remember last year at Christmas conference I knew like no one!! haha but his year I was like, I know everyone!! it was awesome!:) and the speakers were just fabulous! I truly was spiritual fed!

then Friday sister redford and I were able to get a mini missionary. her name was sister Larsen and she was the cutest girl ever!!

(spiritual thought) this week sister redford and I were able to teach this lady named elsa. she is the sweetest lady of 51 years old, and she has been catholic her whole life, we went to see her cause we haven't been able to see he the last couple of weeks. and we come to find out that she has been reading the book of Mormon and has been praying about it, and she told us that she hasn't gotten an answer yet but its probably because god already knows that she knows that it is true!!:) haha then she came to church yesterday and just loved it! she said as her daughter came to pick her up, she said "I love jesus Christ but this just makes me want to love im even more!!" hahah the only thing that is holding her back from getting baptized is she doesn't want to hurt her mom who is catholic as well. so we are going to work with that. then while I was at church on sunday the bishop had some people come up and bare their testimonies and they all said the samething but what I loved about that is that not only do I know that the bom is true and that this church and everything else about it is true but so does everyone else that bore their testimony and so it strengthened my testimony that if we all have the same answer that this is true then it must be true then!

(funny stuff) so this week sister redford let me taze her cause we have this awesome investigator named josh who is 19 years old who is getting baptized jan. 2nd who as a tazer and sister redford was like, "ive always wanted to be tazed!!" hahaah and so she let me taze her and it was the funest thing ever!! I will send the video and my mom will just have to send it out to all of you:) hahaha that literally was the best day of my life!!:) hahahahaaahhahahahahahahaahahahah  also sister edford and I had a contest with the elders this Monday to see who could make the best gramcracker temple....:) I think ours won:) I will send the pictures and once again my mom will have to send them out to everyone:) I love yall I hope you have a wonderful Christmas thinking about the birth of Christ!!

love, siter turpin

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